Day 492 working hard and docs appointment 🥰

I did not feel kindness and love at 5.15am today but I did really enjoy the Fit Body Farm when I got there. A whole lot less yawning than Monday.

It was a beautiful morning again though.

Leaving home at 5.30am
The Fir Body Farm at 6am
We used all kinds of equipment today!
Leaving FBF at 7.30am

It’s been a busy day at work again. I’ve not stopped but that’s all good. Keeping busy is great and I’m loving the challenge.

I’ve settled back down a bit now that my £400 bump bill has been paid.

So my friend has bought her son a grow your own sloth… to be fair, I think he asked for it….. wait till you see the pictures.

Fair enough…
I mean……… wow…. Is that actually a thing??

How disgusting is that eh?! Please don’t anyone feel the need to buy me one 😱🤣 made me laugh out loud today when she sent me that. 🤣🤣

It’s a glorious day again today. The forecast is still all over the place and I wear shorts on the days it’s raining and wear jeans on the hot days. Abbie the camper van was 41C when I jumped in after work today. Soooo hot!!

So I had a call with the Doctor yesterday as I have found a lump. Now before anyone worries, I have a history of cysts on the old chest area and I’ve had some drained in the past. This has appeared from nowhere in the last 2 weeks and feels almost golf ball sized.

I had the face to face appointment with the doc today and to say she was suited and booted in protection gear was an understatement. all due to COVID-19 obviously…. Unless she thought I was patient zero… 😆

Undergo the examination and she actually exclaims out loud when she feels how big it is…. She measured it as 8cm!!!

Now this is obviously another very private matter that I’m discussing with the world but if it helps one person check for lumps and find something earlier than they might then it’s worth it.

She says cancer starts small and grows very slowly so my overnight tennis ball size is most likely another cyst for draining.

Another thing to add to the list along with remortgaging and arranging home insurance. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So I think I’m going to make spaghetti Bol for dinner tonight. I can’t be bothered cooking meals again and am just never hungry enough at teatime but happy to eat random junk things…. Craigs on his way so I will just go and get it done! I reckon this is the first meal I’ve cooked in about 3 weeks…. She says cringing.

Went with a spicy mince instead so we can use up wraps…

So off to see the Gateside Hookers tonight and I think there are only 2 of us but looking forward to a great chat.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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