Day 485 & 486 first day back in jeans 👖 and first day of rain ☔️ for weeks and more importantly first day in a dress 👗 at a wedding for years!!! 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻💍

It’s actually raining for the first time in weeks or even over a month. The grass here is very yellow as it’s bone dry… that’s unheard of for Scotland!

So finally the weather has broken. Sadly just in time for my first wedding since long before the pandemic. I must say you wouldn’t want to have your wedding in the intense heat we had last week but as a bride I would have been pretty upset when I saw the forecast.

That said it’s been dry most of the day and the temperature is still pretty high.

I didn’t go to the Fit Body Farm this morning as I had to bring my overnight stuff and my wedding gear with me to work. My multitasking let me down yesterday 😆

I’ve had the loveliest drive down and am staying in the Walled Garden just outside Crosshill. It’s a stunning site behind a giant wall…. Obviously…. And there is not a sound here. It’s adults only…. I always think that sounds dodgy but it just means there are no kids. So far there’s not even a dog barking just total and utter silence!

Here I am, not exactly flat but as good as it’s going to get!

So I’ve never stayed anywhere by myself… completely on my own. I feel very content, calm and peaceful but also a wee bit like a sore thumb!!! I imagine people look at me and feel sorry for me and assume I must be lonely.

The toilet block…. I mean… come on… how cute?!?
The stained glass windows from inside the toilets

This is the quaintest place. We will be back sometime soon. While I would like to sit and chill I have to try and remember how the hell to put makeup on. The little makeup I have left is probably off by now and I haven’t really worn much for nearly 3 years!!! I could end up looking like a circus clown 🤡 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

It’s 6pm and I’ve had my shower. I have marks on my legs from where my jeans, socks and Converse boots have been… AND…. There is no hairdryer so I’m sitting with my back to the sun letting it dry naturally. This’ll be interesting. The old me would never have entertained getting ready for a wedding in a campervan… the new me is giggling as it will be what it is. I am willing my hair to dry!

So yeah did I mention it had been raining?!? No sign of it now. It’s scorching hot again!

The view behind me!

I’m being picked up at 7.30pm ish…. And I don’t think there is enough signal to load the blog!

The Walled Garden
Here’s hoping the handbrake is on….
Wee touches like this make a campsite 🏕

Wait till you see the wooden card that the guys made for the happy couple!

How cool is that?!?! Two bits of board joined by a hinge!

So there was no signal at the wedding venue either so the blog won’t upload tonight but what a beautiful place Dalduff Farm is. I have a serious lack of photos but there are a few. Congratulations to the happy couple and so lovely to see people being able to enjoy themselves.

It’s a lovely old barn
Now this is not the best photo

We started off inside but there were no seats so moved out to a lovely courtyard area with a big picnic bench. Sat there for the first few hours. Drank Peroni Libre 0% as it was the only alcohol free option. Got the other drivers onto it too!

The girls!

Not gonna lie, for Mrs Hermit Features there were a whole lot of people there, it was loud, it was noisy but I actually really enjoyed it. It was lovely to spend time with the guys and gals from work too.

The drive back to the camp site was interesting…. Boss man got us lost (just saying…) and we drove through some really dark, wee narrow single track roads in the middle of the countryside, woods and forest…. All I could think was they were dropping me off on my own in the middle of nowhere to stay by myself in the dark…… 😳😬😱

The reality was… we finally found the campsite…. It was well lit… I ran to the van and they watched until I was in and it shut the door and didn’t leave till the morning!

Now of course there’s a story here too…. I decided to sleep up in the pop top for the first time. It’s now about 11.30pm and I’m trying to make the bed and get in it all above my head… it didn’t feel right at all.

Up in pop top selfie 🤳

I tried to read my book…. Nope…. Tried to sleep…. Nope… finally gave in and back “downstairs” to set the other bed up and sleep there. I’m not sure I had the best sleep to be fair.

Then it’s 6.30…… and it’s raining!!

When you are as considerate as I am with other people… it is very difficult to leave a campsite without making a noise! Everything seemed so loud!!! I toyed with the idea of rolling off the pitch without starting the engine. So handbrake off and rolled back down off the chocks, technically up the hill. Not far enough off them so I could remove them from under the wheels… obviously. So I had to start the engine. Into reverse, off the chocks… stalled it. Very obviously stalled it. Jumped out and picked up the chocks. Handbrake off out of gear and rolled out through the gate like a silent thing! Is lovely to say no one would ever know I’d been there but oh they knew!

Not sure why that bothers me so much but it’s 7am and most folk are on holiday on a campsite and don’t need me waking them up. 😆

So I got to work bang on 8 and it’s been the busiest of days. I’m not sure that I will be able to speak to anyone for the rest of the weekend. I’m peopled out. I need silence… and a good book. And some sleep. And I have the whole weekend to do it.


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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