Day 480 still scorching hot here 🥵🔥🌞🔆☀️🌞and saw the best sunset last night! 🌅

Oh my word… it’s hot…..I feel I need to explain something to anyone reading that’s not based on the UK…. We never get this length of prolonged heat…. And most certainly not in Scotland. None of us have air conditioning (apart from The Windsor Waffle 😁), our houses are heavily insulated to keep heat in and our bodies are used to much lower temperatures.. We sit outside in the sun if it’s 14C!!!

We love it on holiday, in fact we expect it on holiday and are devastated if we don’t get it but it feels very different at home.

Craig and I were laughing at each other yesterday as it was far too hot to be sitting in the sun (26C here although it feels hotter). Yet we slogged it out. We could hardly breathe, it was like sitting in a sauna! Now we know the dangers to prolonged sun exposure but as I said yesterday, we just never know when we might see it again.

Yet we get up again today and here it is again…. Wow. Another day of glowing with perspiration 🥵😆

Claire and I headed down to the coast for sunset last night and had such a lovely time.

Would love these guys to get a copy of the pic!
Not sure if you can see here but one of the worlds largest cruise ships just sailed out from behind the island that the sun set behind
Thar she blows!

We heard a woman shout “oh there it is….” And we’re scanning the horizon for the “it”….. she just slowly crept down the side of Arran and it actually seemed like her engines were off at one point.

Girls on tour in what seems like matching tops!
This is another lovely one, Claire set the timer

Now last night was great in a good few ways…. First of all Claire agreed to come down for sunset in the first place…. Secondly I managed to fit Abbie the camper under the height restriction in Portencross car park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge. I’ve not been down since I had the van raised as I was scared I’d be too high. Claire jumped out to check (immediately after admitting she has no spacial awareness…. 😬) and I sailed on under…… and thirdly Claire turned the brightness up on a phone and gave my phone a whole new look!!! I’ve been on the dimmest of settings and all of a sudden my pics took on a whole new light. Wow. Every day is a school day!

Arran looks mystical
The only ripple is the waves from the kayaks and passing ships
Claire took this lovely pic

The next photo is is at 11pm…… arriving back home. Unheard of these days… we went to McDonalds for a milkshake on the way home. The moon rise was just as attractive as the sunset last night. It was very large and pinky/orange. We had the giggles in this pic as I thought a streetlight was the moon as we tried to take the selfie….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😁🤣

Quick dog walks today before it got too hot.

So I had the osteopath today and he said that my knee has a swollen goose foot….. (only me…..) and that’s the reason for my pain. It obviously has a much more sophisticated name but I can only remember the crazy one. He says I should put some ice on it after exercise I have all the tools to correct it but could do with some new trainers to help support my foot a bit more. Ok then…. I have to “keep doing the exercises” that I have not done enough of…. And stretch. I really must stretch.

Just before my appointment I bumped into Anne from my tapping group…. It’s maybe been about 3 years since I’ve seen her. It made my day to get a huge hug… even if we did only have 5 minutes if that!

I did a quick food shop after the Osteopath… came home and hung up the second last washing of the day and then tackled some of the meadow garden weeds.

Needless to say there is no after photo as it looks a mess and I have nettle stings under my right armpit and on my right wrist. I also got bit on the leg by and evil horsefly that drew actual blood. Booooooo to gardening!

Sitting back down and enjoying the sun. Hope you all have a a great weekend.

Stay safe everyone 🌞🌞🌞

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