Day 478 double vaxers!! Finally caught up with the rest of the family! 🦠 💉 💉

So yeah…. That happened today! 2nd vaccination for us in the scorching heat in Ardrossan.

As I did start this blog to record life in COVID times, I should stay here that the nurse was super attentive. Asked us both how we were feeling after the first jag, what our reactions were and how we were feeling about the second one. I did say I was a lot more apprehensive his time around as I’d felt so lightheaded after the first one. Don’t know if it was Craigs driving 😆 or me being a bad passenger but I felt pretty dizzy on the way over. He explained that our bodies generate a lot of adrenaline to help us get through the unknown. He said that the adrenaline floods away when the had is administered and the body realises it’s ok…. That’s what causes the lightheadedness. With that explanation I sailed through this jag… mentally talking to the adrenaline saying I didn’t need it before he gave me the jag. (Come one you know I’m a weirdo my now!!)

I told the nurse today if Craig got the chills with this vaccine, as he did the last time, I’d just shove him out in the sun. 😆

We were up 3 times through the night with Little Miss Freya last night. We had her in our room as we suspected she was the one who still had a dodgy tum…. We were right, 1.15am was the first baptism of fire as she started a wee jig at the bedroom door! I was in a VERY deep sleep and bolted upright wondering what the hell was going on. Craig got her out sometime early morning and me again about 6.30am…. Better that way than her thinking she can’t get out.

It was really dark at 1.15am which surprised me as the moon had been so bright at 10pm.

Keekin’ through the trees.
Sunset was lovely too.

So cloudy again this morning, pretty high level but actually a wee bit of respite from yesterday’s heat.

Only those of us who live here know what this feels like to us. This kind of heat is truly unheard of. Us Scots talk about the weather ALL the time. We often moan about it. We frequently get 4 seasons in one day. This heat feels like we are all abroad on holiday at once. It’s very hot… very draining but so, so lovely. Its expecially welcome as we can’t get abroad for holidays just now due to COVID restrictions.

I did read one thing (which I can’t find now!) that said we crave the heat and 30c on holiday is out of this world but at home it feels like the devils armpit!!!

‘Scuse the language 😆
Again this is so true!! 🤣

I think I’ve said before but most of us change our whole daily plan around when the sun shines. We wash clothes, bedding, blankets, towels like there is no tomorrow. We never know when winter might hit at the drop of a hat. It can take us a week to dry washing in winter so we over wash in the summer just because we can. We high five each other for the number of washings we can do and dry in a day!!

So Craig’s at a funeral this afternoon… our neighbours’ mum sadly passed away. A very sad day for them all but what a lovely send off in the sunshine. 🙏🏻 ☀️

This is our last day off work, we are both back in action tomorrow…. Only for one day for me mind you as I’m off on Friday. Hard life eh?!? Tempted to message the boss to ask if working from a swimming pool would be acceptable?!? 👙🏊🏼‍♀️

So in light of the recent holiday and dog-pooping-once-again debacle… we are going to have to rethink our main summer holiday this year. We were planning a CalMac Ferries island hopping tour at the start of September but don’t think the dogs could cope. We have to weigh up our options but I have this romantic idea that someone would love a 2 week holiday in a quaint Scottish village with the village pub next door…. Obviously with the prime objective for us that someone will be here to look after our dogs. They are so much happier when they are off lead and able to run about in the garden. We may decide to take one with us, we may look into kennels but we really would rather not. if the worst comes to the worst we may need to just have a home based holiday with day trips. The price to be paid of building a dog pack!!

Hose me, hose me!! 💦💦💦
You got me!!
I’m gunna eat this hose spray!!!

I’m relaxing in the sun this afternoon, reading a Lynda la Plante trilogy now starting with the Cold Shoulder. My lovely friend Evelyn has been keeping me going in books for a good few months now. I should say here too that I have the lardy ass out in an actual bikini today. Unheard of in the back garden that can be like Grand Central Station with visitors popping in. I am ready to shove clothes over the top at a minutes notice…. I am hiding down behind our wee fence which is festooned with wet washing as I’ve run out of places to hang it. No one needs to see this but it feels like a real summer holiday. 👙☀️ and literally just like that the door opens and Craig shouts “are you decent?!?” Eh naw!!!! Gimme a minute!!!! 😆🤣

Looking forward to a cold shower before crochet in the beer garden tonight. Life is pretty good right now… pooping puppers aside obviously?!? Anyone fancy a holiday?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️😆🤣

Stay safe everyone 🌞🌞🌞

9 thoughts on “Day 478 double vaxers!! Finally caught up with the rest of the family! 🦠 💉 💉

  1. Sorry about neighbours sad loss. And hope Freya feels better soon. If we can help you you have a break away we will… yours🤣
    Enjoy the weather. I am sitting in the 😎

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    1. It was Colin’s mum that died. Yeah she seems a bit better today. We’ll keep her in with us again tonight. Thanks for offering xx


    1. I have my fan blowing some heat in your direction!!!! It is so hot that I am sticking to my fabric seat 😆🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 we shouldn’t complain as this is all we dream of 😆 I hope you get some sun soon! X

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