Day 477 hubbies birthday in the glorious sunshine! 🌞

It is a scorcher today….. 28C we reckon… in Scotland…. In summer…. In July…. Almost unheard of. 😆 it’s certainly the hottest I remember Craig’s birthday being.

Chocolates 🍫 😋

7am we were woken with a howl from the sunroom….. we were too late. Little puppers sore tums accident to clear up before I’d barely opened my eyes. The joys of pupperdom….. 🤦🏻‍♀️

We were awake.

Of course Craig was so excited about his pressies that he couldn’t sleep anyway. 🤣🤣🤣 so we got up and sat outside in the shade for coffee and pressies!

Here you go Dad… this is all that’s left!

I should say here that Craig is the master of gift giving…. No birthday is too small to have a small fortune spent on it. So his birthdays are a source of stress for me as I can never match his generosity. I have tried in the past but always fail so I’ve decided to keep doing it my way. He still got a tonne of stuff!

We lazed about this morning… well I did while Craig fitted his new Front Runner awning to his roof rack. Not a birthday gift but I bought him the bottle opener, the under awning lights and the GoPro mount for the roof rack so his new overlanding car is taking shape.

Took a wee drive to get it all set up! Nice to have some shade for a bit!

We went to Auchengree Farm Shop for brunch.

Iced coffee

It was too hot to eat outside today. For those of you who know me well you will see I’m a changed woman… I’d have been beside myself to get outside in the past! how times have changed. Maybe it’s because o don’t work 100 hours a week now (slight exaggeration!) and I know that if I miss nice weather I will catch it some other time?!

To be fair….. this is my current view!

So for lunch Craig had a Club Sandwich and I had Chicken, Mango and Halloumi salad. I love love love halloumi!!

We bought some lovely BBQ meat for tonight. Now it’s not cheap… but it looks very good quality. Not a hint of fat to be found on the chicken skewers.

It’s been the loveliest of lazy days. The dogs are so much more relaxed being home. It’s nice to see them back to their old selves but sad that being away seems to bother them so much. We have to think up some strategy as we can’t not ever go away again.

I’m so glad I put so many of my bags down
This is so true. If you can’t be happy with yourself then you can’t make others around you happy 😃

We’ve had lovely drinks with neighbours and it genuinely feels like we’re abroad on holiday. It’s still hot and it’s 7.30pm. Wonder how long it will be before we have aircon in our houses in Scotland?!?!

Stay safe everyone 🌞🌞🌞

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