Day 473 ROADTRIP!!!! To Glencoe! ⛰ ⛅️ 🚐

Wide awake at 5.40am this morning. Did not go to the Fit Body Farm but my body obviously thought I should have… 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have heard it was a killer.

So I want to start off with a bit for the ladies…… I always promised to be pretty straight talking here. So being of the possibly-maybe-nearly peri menopausal age, I’m not that concerned when the time of the month passed me by as it has for the last ooooh at least 2 or 3 months. No great shakes.

This holiday has been booked since we knew we could get back out and about post covid. Why does my body choose last night to start up normal monthly cycles again. I mean…. COME ON…. Seriously?!?! The night before I go away for a holiday?!? Surely that’s not a coincidence?? It’s not been on my radar at all so it’s not like I manifested it at all…. Isn’t nature weird and wonderful. And infuriating…. 🤬

So what that means for men is that I am super cranky. All the work I have done to calm the anxiety down and in one night I have become Mrs Narky McNarkerson. Honestly I am so irritated by absolutely everything…. poor Craigie boy has his work cut out for him and Tartan should be glad to see the back of me 😆🤦🏻‍♀️😬 I am saying ALL the wrong words…… it’s actually quite hysterical. I called my camping chair a CAR instead of a CHAIR…. You get the drift.

So we left at 9.58am and did not have to return home for any forgotten items thankfully.

All secured in… all present and correct!
Abbie is higher than our house!
Funny how this bit of road on the way to Loch Lomond makes me feel like I’m on holiday!
Driving past Loch Lomond
Stopping at The Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum
Dogs have been walked!
30 miles to Glencoe
Shame about the cloud but this is one of the best pics of the Three Sisters in Glencoe. My copilot did very well with his photography one cue.
The first of the Three Sisters
This is the Hidden Valley with some mist sitting right up in it
Looking up to Bidean nam Bian

We drove down into Glencoe village as we were a bit early for the campsite.

Went to this lovely wee gift shop

We’ve bought stuff here in the past and it’s just the loveliest wee shop. It has a wee restaurant/coffee shop…. Might have to walk there again sometime.

Bought this wee guy! It’s a wee key ring. Sooooo cute!
Entrance to the site at Glencoe
Exciting times for the puppers!

We spent the afternoon getting set up, exploring the campsite and about 4.30 someone other than me announced that they might have a lie down. Just had a wee read of my book and a nap and it was soooo good. My first of the week.

Our view for the weekend!
Freya’s happy!
There’s mountain behind those clouds

Now we’re sitting outside having dinner.

We are a teensy hit miffed that the weather isn’t the best but I say that and we’re outside in shorts so really we shouldn’t complain! It’s glorious at home though!

Craig’s new birthday camping chair… chair…. Not car….. from his mum. He is loving camping chair life!!!

At least here we are surrounded by mountains.

I just spilled some dinner on my sweatshirt. Bugger… I am my father’s daughter. 😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬

Happy Glasgow Fair Friday!

Stay safe everyone 🏔🏔🏔

2 thoughts on “Day 473 ROADTRIP!!!! To Glencoe! ⛰ ⛅️ 🚐

  1. I feel your pain… ! I started my period yesterday also quite unexpectedly just 2 hours before I was due to play tennis for the first time in 15 years… honestly!! Timing?! Anyway, tennis was good. Have a great trip. Looks like beautiful scenery. And relax… 😊xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I replied last night but in mountains I don’t know if it went thru?! It’s crazy isn’t it? How does our body know it’s the last time we need that?!?!? Glad you enjoyed tennis!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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