Day 458 a wee cheeky overnighter with Auntie Jac! 🚐🚐

So yeah a wee last minute camping trip tonight with Auntie Jac. It’s her birthday on a Sunday and we’ve been meaning to get a trip for ages.

We’re booked into Drummohr campsite near Musselburgh, just outside Edinburgh. It’s a beautiful site. Pristine. It’s in a walled garden and the flowers are all wild…. This is the look I was going for with my meadow garden at home…. Epic fail for me…..It looks nothing like this!

I was wide awake at 5.23am.…. I got up, had my shower, washed my hair, dried my hair, emptied the house fridge, filled the van fridge and was good to go. Was in work for 7am…. Reminded me of the bad old days for a minute. But no….. I’m in my shorts and Tartan T-shirt and Tartan converse. Life is very different!

Left work after 12 and set off to meet Jac at Hillend outside Edinburgh and we were set up on the campsite by about 3pm. We went a wee wander to the local beach….

Paradise… it is not…. It’s quite an industrial coastline here…. but the sky is blue and there’s sea so really we can’t complain.

Spotted a Border Collie!

Here we are sitting on the most seat-like stone we could find! We had to “swivel”…. To get this photie with the sea in the background!

Here it comes
This is almost the life….. if you shut your eyes it’s way more pretty!
Lovely clouds!
We practiced a wee heart and this was the best shot! that’s Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat in the middle! ♥️
Arthur’s Seat

We both grew up in Penicuik, south of Edinburgh and both think it’s really weird to be staying just outside Edinburgh without being there.

There’s another million pics of the same View… but you knew that eh?!
Celebrating with a wee Nosecco in a wee enamel mug! Classy burds 🤦🏻‍♀️😆
Gentlemen’s hardware?!?! Says it all eh?!

Dinner was a team effort…. Chicken fajitas and they were amazing. It’s so super hot. It has been all afternoon.

All cooked outside! Love it!

And in true Scottish fashion the sun disappears in a flash and it clouded over…. It’s still warm though the jumpers are on. Course we’re still outside. Love, love, love the outdoor life!

Missing the boy and pups back home. ♥️🐶🐶🐶 but relishing a night without 5 of us in that small space. It’s the first time sleeping on my own in the van. Hope nothing goes bump on the night or I’ll be in with Auntie Jac!!

Stay safe everyone 🌞☁️🌞

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