Day 456 must check with fellow Scots before I announce summer has arrived…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🌞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌞

So yes…. It would appear my excitement at yesterday’s lovely weather was not felt across the country. I just assume if we have proper hot summer weather, then, the rest of the country is basking in it too.

I received a few comments immediately on publishing yesterday’s blog…. To quote…

“Peeing down in Penicuik”

“Back home (from Edinburgh)….. and frozen”

“Very gloomy weather in Windsor”

Now ok the last one is from England but if we have sunshine here and it’s this hot, I would expect Windsor to be late 20’sC.

Canada, however, is in the middle of a heatwave resulting in…

“My Scottishness is melting”

Now that’s not to be sniffed at many parts of the US and Canada are experiencing a heat dome.

So while us Brits think…. Ooh sunshine… it’s way more serious in other countries. Schools are closed as it’s too hot to send kids… if covid isn’t affecting schooling enough.

Anyway…. That’s the weather for the world today 🤦🏻‍♀️😆. It is beautiful here again and I’ve just had a Häagen Dazs Mango and Raspberry ice lolly. 🥭🍭


So….. this happened….. 😳😱🤯

For those of you who follow my ramblings you’ll remember Dad and I had a lovely wee trip last Saturday… 19th June on the 12.30pm sailing. All outdoors, never inside, never used the toilet. This implies that cases have traced back to particular sailings….

Isn’t it dreadful to think that enough people on this trip have caught COVID for it to reach the press? So we cannot self isolate as the time has past. We have not been contacted through any track and trace. A lovely person read my blog on Twitter and sent me an STV press release from Sunday night. Otherwise I would be oblivious.

I have been at work, met customers, hugged friends, been out for lunch, been to the pub and all the while I should have been self isolating but didn’t know. Just shows how easily this thing could spread.

So I’ve just done my first ever covid test and am sitting here with a screwed up face waiting on the results. It is no braw. It’s a horrible thing to do and I’ve no idea how you swab your own tonsils 4 times each side when your gag reflex is as big as mine. Those tonsils really don’t want to be touched do they?!?!

Also the nose is actually not as bad as I thought but it’s pretty unpleasant too. Hope I don’t have to make a habit out of taking tests. Guess like everything you’ll get used to them. Torture with a long cotton bud!!


Just as well really if I could have been a super spreader without knowing it. Our government have spent millions on track and trace and we got nothing from it. Mind you as long as some people’s friends made plenty money then it shouldn’t matter should it?!?! Oooops sorry for the political dig.

Back to the sunshine. it’s now 7.02pm and it’s still hot.

I’ve had Claire in to the garden for a post Covid negative can of juice, it’s amazing how much we have to catch up on.

The pups have been having loads of fun in the sun and getting hosed regularly.

It’s important to keep them hydrated without letting them drink the hose. Easier said than done with gnasher Calaidh!

So I’m going to sit for another wee while and read my book. Grab a shower and head to bed nice and early to the gym in the morning.

COVID free thankfully.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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