Day 450 Fit Body Farm in torrential rain, work, hugs from an old friend, nana nap then crochet 🧶

My day in one blog title. I had a big nap. Ran out of time to compose my ramblings. The end.

🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 when have I ever been that short for words?!?

Fit body farm was amazing this morning. It was pouring. Not just a wee bit of rain but pretty torrential. Coming down in stair rods. Stoating down. And we got thoroughly soaked.

But I loved almost every minute of it. There was a short time at the start when I thought I couldn’t be bothered but then some adrenaline kicked in and I was off! It was a 2 person workout called Pingu this morning. Was that why I loved it?!?

There’s something hysterical about being tied to another person by two resistance bands, while she does a sitting squat and you jog away from her and spring back when you get to the end of the elastic!!! I was chuckling away.

So onto work and was super busy today…. Was there till close on 3.30pm. My friend Aileen came to pick up one of the Tartan Campers.

We had two of the best hugs!!!!! Been too long.

So work was all good kept very busy and came home and had dinner at 4pm then hit a wall….. slept till 6.45 when Craig woke me for crochet… 🧶

I had the best sleep… musta needed it!

Off to the pub to meet with fellow Gateside hookers and had our usual great night putting the world to rights this time and not putting the works to tights like I said in a previous blog. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💜

One of the ladies has lost a very good friend recently at and the following poem was read at her funeral….. I should say before I post it that the lady who passed away actually posted this on her own FB a year before she died. She lived life to the full and did so many things in her 69 years that most people wouldn’t manage in 100.

How poignant is that? ♥️

Honestly this lady has done way more than I ever have. It’s really eye opening. I’m seeing a lot of things like this just now. Signs that life is for living in the moment and not waiting. To stop putting things off until after….

So I am getting back up and no more putting things off to maybe another day.

So I ordered some lateral flow tests as this seems to have passed me by….. have never taken a test but heard that we should at least do one a week now?

Also we had an Overland Bound online chat tonight. Always great to catch up with the guys and hear everything that’s going on with the overland community. Members 13446 reporting for duty!

Anyway I am shattered now and it’s 21.48 it’s be a long but good day!

Remember to live life to the full.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 450 Fit Body Farm in torrential rain, work, hugs from an old friend, nana nap then crochet 🧶

  1. My friend Angela who died from Covid had many little sayings .. “every day’s a bonus” was one she said regularly, as she had lost both her Mum and her husband early in life and she believed in making the most of every day. I keep thinking I should “be more Angela” but it’s easier said than done! X

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    1. It is hard. I love that… be more Angela. It’s a lovely thought and even being more angela occasionally is a step in the right direction. Xx

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