Day 425 a productive Saturday but with a restless head 🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s 8.54am and I’m starting this early. My head doesn’t feel right and I need to talk it through.

I am tired but I can’t rest. I am antsy. I need to find another word for antsy…. restless maybe? Actually that’s it.

We had our first uninterrupted sleep last night since Sunday night. The pups slept right through with no toilet outings. I had a good sleep but I was very hot through the night. I got up once for paracetamol as my legs were sore and jumpy. That helped.

We woke at 7am and I knew I needed to stay in bed but I couldn’t “waste the day”. That old chestnut again.

I have the bedding in the washing machine already. We need a new washing machine. The bearings have gone in this one and it sounds like a 747 taking off most of the cycle. The spin is almost unbearable. I feel I am waiting until it breaks. Note to self just get it measured up and get a new one on order. Will write a list.

I have a list already. I will add to it. I get it out. Do just that and have at least 5 things that can come off my list already done. ✅ why do we beat ourselves up for the things not done and not celebrate the things that are?!?

None of this stuff is really important and certainly no reason to spoil a day off.

My head feels a bit lighter already just as the washing machine switched into take off mode. 😳

I’m just back in a walk with the dogs and read this back. It makes me laugh. Honestly my head is a nightmare at times but thankfully now it is empty.

The woods are just lovely just now. The wild garlic smells SO GOOD!
These weeds have taken over from the daffodils. I am a weed lover. Craig is not a fan!
It’s been a while since we had a gate and this one seems to be being reclaimed by the greenery
This bench was painted in lockdown 1.0 and seems to be being reclaimed too
These are pretty!
More wild garlic 🧄
My favourite gate
More wild garlic and Bhruic!!
The rhododendrons are starting to bloom
A reminder of childhood
Yes Craig more weeds!!
These are lovely. Like giant yellow daisies. There is a carpet of them!
Action shot!
I’m now having breakfast outside. It’s hot but not sunny.

It’s actually lovely outside today. The bedding is drying already. Will get the blankets on soon. May as well use the old washing machines as I won’t want to wash dog blankets in a new machine.

Princess Irene tulips in memory of my Gran 💜 mum got us these bulbs. Don’t think I planted them in the best place though as something is growing over the top!
My meadow garden…. yup more weeds!
My rockery

I feel like I have washed everything in the house today. I’m on my fifth load!! It’s not sunny but it’s warm so everything’s drying quickly. You know you’re getting older when you love a good drying day! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

I’ve spent the afternoon working on Village Hall paperwork too. Getting the spreadsheets up to date. I’ve been calm and relaxed all day but I find this irritating when I try to focus on the accounts. Got it to a point and I’ll leave it now until another day with a fresh head. I’m not thinking clearly anymore. My focus isn’t there.

Claire rescued me with a quick cuppa in her garden.

I’ve felt a bit aimless all day. I think fighting tiredness is not always the best way but I just couldn’t stay in bed this morning. It gives me an irritability which is mostly aimed at myself for feeling anything other than great.

Hard task master eh?!?

How true is this. When will I stop fighting this idea of perfection that I have built up for myself?

A day at home with nothing to do has got to be most folks’ idea of perfection eh?

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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