Day 424 some housework and a serious nap ♥️

4.10am the barking woke me…. it was Calaidh who needed out this time. Craig was up with them even earlier than that. They are brighter than they were but still not 100% yet.

We’re going to have to reverse engineer our immediate response to barks once they are better. We are jumping up at their command just now and that’s not happening once they are better. 😳😬

Of course I couldn’t get back to sleep as I started thinking about work o the first morning of my 4 day weekend…. 🤦🏻‍♀️ so by the 5am alarm I was ready for action.

The Fit Body Farm was hard today. Friday is always a kind of challenge day but this one had a 500m run in between each station…. with no breaks….. 🥵 so by 7am I had run 2k, pushed a heavy sled with 100kg weights on it across the gym 4 times. Pulled it across the room 4 times, travelled 500m on a SkiErg machine and attempted 40m of burpees with squat jumps.

I say attempted…. the burpees were my last station. After 20m I took a dizzy spell and had to lie on the Astro while the head coach held my legs in the air. 😬 I then tried to take a drink and poured water over my face and don’t the front of me, almost choking as it seemed to go up my nose. Classy.

My poor partner had to do 20m in a row without a break until I was ready to get back up. I just did squat jumps for the remaining 20m. They were bad enough. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

The girl I was partnered with was so good as she’s a higher level of fitness, so she really helped spur me on in the runs.

Lots of mention of runs this week. 🤭😆 sorry. 🤪

So it did feel amazing to do it all. I was home by 7.30am and Craig was just getting up. Check our role reversal. He’s still exhausted after the COVID jag. He’s back to work today which is good but it floored him.

So I had my wee next door neighbour for dog walk this morning. She has Leo and I took Calaidh.

This is neither Calaidh nor Bhruic… Check this wee guy. The wee one knew he was only 3 days old!
Beautiful pups
His ears just don’t stop?!?

Now we’re walking home and all of a sudden we hear a herd of calves behind us….. they are following us 😳


Honestly it was fascinating, they followed us all the way. Calaidh didn’t like it. 😬

So I snuck up on the housework this morning too and it’s so lovely to be clean and tidy again. All the camping stuff is ready to go back in the van. Dog hair has been eradicated for another 5 minutes or so.

Just after 12 I hit a wall. I had to go to bed. If I didn’t then I knew that I was gonna be a total grump for the rest of the day. I woke up when Craig phoned at 3.30pm. Must have got a couple of hours. Musta needed it!!

I love having peace!

I dragged myself out of bed and went for a shower. Then when Craig came home we went into the village pub for a few. The alcohol free Gordon’s Gin is really lovely and I’m not a huge gin fan but it’s lovely. It’s warm enough to sit out but there’s no sun. When will get our summer?!?

I really like this…. I was not an alcoholic by any matter of means but my alcohol free life is so much better than my drinking life was. I had to face up to everything that made me unhappy. Face it head on. Without the mask of wine.
I love this!

The pups are on with their chicken and rice diet again tonight and we are having a lovely prawn salad with parsnip fries tonight.

Check me.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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