Day 418 Loch Ness chillin’ 💙💙


The wind has stopped. The rain is nothing… just a few spots blowing in the wind.

The entrance to the campsite

We had a great sleep. Well I did. We were warm and cosy. The bed was comfy. The heard of elephants trampling over me in the night was the only minor irritation. 😤

I may try the pop top bed tonight. Move upstairs aware from the pitter patter of monster paws. 😬

Craig reminded me that we have 3 dogs and there is no getting away from that. They are in a strange place and excited to be with us. He makes a very good point. I try to see that. 😳

I am even calm about dog hairs and mucky paw prints as I know it can easily be cleaned. For those of you who know me you will understand how huge this is…… I mean….. check me?!?!

So morning dog walk at 7am which is a long lie for us now.

The shores of Loch Ness
Love these wee boats
Thought this was a really pretty picture. This tree must have only recently been cut down. It looks like it fell over some time ago though
I feel so calm… I love a Loch side 💙
Not as bright looking North
Lots of different trees at the Loch side
View to the mountains in the distance
Check the size of the roots on this tree 🌲
An old winch for the boats
The beech trees are lime green just now
Ferns ready to pop
Old moorings
Surviving through adversity
Cutie wee shed
We found Nessie!!!!! Nope… just Bhruic ♥️
Here she is!! Abbie with her new Vango sidekick!
Our home for the next few days!
Happy holidays!

When we got back I did an early morning photo shoot with the pups in their new Dog Robes. I picked them up in Largs last week.

Bhru is not sure but she matches the van!
Wee cutie pies
Porridge with a wee bit of chocolate for breakfast

All of these photos and it’s barely 9am. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is the view from our pitch
Have u you it seem these new Starbucks cups? Red when the contents are hot and green when it’s cold!
Outside in the sun
Think the new dog beds were a success?!?!

So we’ve had a lovely lazy day around the van. It’s drizzled occasionally, it’s been hot and sunny and it’s been windy and cold. Everyone around the campsite has been the same as us, jumpers on off, outside on seats, inside while it rains. I’ve been freezing and roasting on and off all day. That’s Scotland for you!

We did have a slight drama early afternoon….. we had a feeling something was up as a few of the campsite staff have driven past and stared at our set up….

The owner chapped on the window of the van and said we have to move 😳 we have set up over 2 pitches….. 😳 we have to move.

Really…. so hi mr campsite man, our neighbour Jim says hello. Neighbour Jim is an Area Manager. We suddenly do not have to move. 🙄 I actually feel pretty bad about the whole thing as I was not happy he wanted us to unpack everything and turn around. The 5m pitch is from the wee road to the Loch with the side of the van facing the Loch, not front facing the Loch 😬😳 now he said we should stay I feel we should have moved. Women eh?!!!?

So thank you to neighbour Jim we can stay put.

We had a lazy day….I’ve been crocheting while listening to motivational videos from Fit Body Farm. Craig watched the Scottish Cup Final on is iPad so I went for a shower.

We had fish fajitas for early dinner and then went for an early evening walk.

So calm
We found Nessie!!!!!! This must be her?!?
Actual Nessie!
It’s just so green!

A lovely day…. 💚💙💚

Stay safe everyone 💙💚💙

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