Day 415 another day in the happy life 😁

I woke up at 4.24am…. not just a little bit awake but a big bit awake. Wide awake. This was my lie in day of course with alarm set for 6.30am and even then I could take a leisurely hour to get ready.

Mr Sporty Spice is going to the gym 4 days a week, one more than me and I was awake even before his alarm went off. Typical eh?!?

So I put the time to good use and cleaned the bathroom before I went to work. As you do. Was then almost late to work. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣

Work was super busy again today, I stayed till 2pm and still didn’t really get around to reading my emails. It’s all good being so busy though.

I drove straight to Dalry as I had kinesiology with Shelagh at 3pm. Had a lovely chat with mum and dad on the way there!

I was a bit early and stood outside and started the blog. It’s another lovely day. The sun was warm. ☀️

So this is where both my Osteopath and Kinesiology are. It was sooooo lovely to be back and see Shelagh in person. As I walked in she stood with her arms open wide and said “are you ready?!” And we had the best hug. I love that hugs are back. 💜💜

I looked for a cute sloth hug pic and I came across this. Now in no way am I saying Shelagh is a sloth in any way…..but this is how I see my journey in Kinesiology.

Shelagh, with all of the Health Kinesiology tools at her fingertips, has helped carry me through my journey and given me strength when I needed it the most. Health Kinesiology has removed my feelings of stress from so many areas of my life.

And this is me now!!

We did work today on stress of camping with the dogs and cleared the feeling of panic that I have when there are other dogs around or if one of ours starts barking etc. It does give me feelings of panic, I overreact to everything.. Hopefully no more…. so we can holiday with a chilled out Julesie and not a screaming banshee Julesie. 😬🤣Here’s hoping….

Claire offered to do my nails for my holiday…..I will be the only person on the campsite with lovely painted nails! 💅🏼

I’ve had the loveliest few hours at “Nails with a View” as I’m calling her bedroom nail salon.. She has the best view from the front and back of her house. It was so unusual to be allowed in her house now too!!

I am so sorry for putting my feet in the blog but sparkly purple toes. She’s done them so well!!
Pale lilac fingers… make my hands looks so brown!!
Well I’m taking this literally with the 5am sunrises!!

I got lots of wee bits and pieces through for Abbie the camper for holiday. A tea towel, knives, extension cable, a new sleeping bag with hand holes for holding a book when you are in the sleeping bag…. you just gotta love that……and the Smokin Midge.

Link to the video

Have a watch of the above to see how it work and we’ll let you know when we’re away. It’s come highly recommended though so I’m expecting big things to get rid of the wee bitey things.

I am sure there will be none now I’ve invested in a Smokin’ Midge

So another great day. It’s 8.15pm and I’m tired but no wonder, it was an early start. Feet up now and will watch some tv before bed in about 45 minutes!! Fit body farm in the morning again.

The pic below sums up where I am in my journey. I love this. I want to print it!

Stay safe everyone 🦋👼🏼🦋

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