Day 412 girls wee trip to Largs and hubby’s team crowned champions of the Scottish Premier League ❤️🤍💙

Wide awake at 6am but I guess that’s a lie in these days.

Was out with the dogs by 8am. It’s a lovely morning, super calm, quiet, it’s been raining and everything seems really fresh.

Soooo green! It almost looks painted
Weeing on the lovely flowers 😱
Someone seems to have picked these and laid them down… thankfully before Bhru got to them!

This next photo doesn’t do it justice but there was rubbish all around the wee fire pit area.

I spent about 10-15 minutes walking around picking it up with a spare poo bag. Such a shame as we are so lucky to have this lovely area to use. I also pick up after the dogs even if they’ve gone in the undergrowth … sometimes I have to hunt for it… but it do. This rubbish is all right next to a bin.

Anyway it’s in the bin now. I met a guy who I think was part of the Friends of Spiers who look after the grounds… he was litter picking too. Said he does it every Saturday and Sunday morning. Sad eh? But amazing that these people do that too.

Look at all the all the wild garlic mum!!
Thought this was lovely and delicate!
Not even peace for a shower in this house!!

Then the girls went to Largs. Not planned but Claire was doing nothing and I decided to have a wee day out.

We went to a cafe on the front that I used to go to but it’s not been opened since the start of Covid times. It’s changed names but seems to be a very similar menu and same vibe.

Had poached eggs with avocado. Was so lovely along with the tastiest Oat Latte. Highly recommended when I can remember the name!

The Cumbrae ferry
Old steps into the sea
It’s so calm and quiet!
How lovely is this?!? A swan is nesting right up near the boating park!
The old pier
It was raining on this walk!
Bedraggled much!! Also shows how high the van is now….

When I got home the Rangers v Aberdeen game still has 26 minutes to go…. not that I was counting 😬 Rangers were already 3-0 up so him indoors was pretty happy.

At full time he was a very proud. They’ve not only won the league but it’s been a 10 year journey since the club was relegated to the third division all those years ago. They had their license revoked after financial irregularities and had to start at the bottom.

This is manager Steven Gerrard’s first league win with any club. The also scored 102 points which is a record for them in and single league….. and… we’re unbeaten in the league this season.

If I got any of that wrong I will be demoted to general dogsbody of the house and that’s a low position to be… especially here. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

There is a lovely lady who reads the blog who’s dad is no longer with us… he’ll have been a very proud man watching down on this today. ❤️🤍💙

A very well deserving captain.

So now that I’ve lost half the west Scotland readers…. I’ll move on. Should stick to massages eh?!?

We went into the beer garden next door so he could continue to celebrate!

Some of the village people!

I have to be honest and say I’ve had such a giggle on 0% Gordon’s Gin and slimline tonic. We live in a lovely village with a lovely group of people and I think this was the most normal the pub has felt in a long time.

Ignoring the fact that we are outside.

And it’s raining….

The village banter is at its best and I’ve missed it.

It’s been another really lovely day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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