Day 405 “that fine rain that soaks you” as my lovely Gran would say ðŸ’œ

What a dreich day today…. it is such a fine rain and it really does soak you. We always laugh at this raining as all rain soaks you but I bet you know what I mean!!

I woke at 6am and dozed on and off until 7 when I conked right back out until just before 9am! A nice wee lie in.

We had to drive down to Tartan Campers this morning to pick up springs I’d had delivered for Abbie the camper van and drop them off at the garage.

Instead of being super stressed at a potentially high bill, I am so excited to get the van fixed and be able to drive over potholes without feeling that the van is about to fall apart. She won’t be ready until at least Monday so no gallivanting for me this weekend. I have to be a home bird.

And plus…. it’s RAINING!!!!

We went to the Co-op to pick up some healthy food to keep us going this weekend.

We had a wee issue to check out in the Village Hall across the road as the heating has stopped working. Rachel-two-doors-down (as she will forever be known) met me over there and we managed to diagnose the issue. We are soooooo clever. 🙌

I could just leave it there and have kudos for fixing the heating.

Sadly not though as it would appear we have just run out of oil…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤔😬😆 so we have to take it up with she who orders the oil……

Yup….. me, myself and I. Dammit.

The hall is closed just now due to COVID regulations so I assume we have 3/4 of a tank of oil for when we open back up. Hmmmmmm…. yes but the heating comes on for 4 hours a day to keep the hall from getting damp. Of course. Forgot about that.

Since I’d got a bit wet checking the level of the huge EMPTY oil tank….I thought I’d take the dogs out.

Miserable but very green 🌿🍃☘️

The rain is bringing everything into boom!

Look how life green the beech hedge is next to the dark green of the wild garlic
Tulips are springing up now
Love these ones every year
I love these!
The sky today!!!!
Even the Coos were a wee bit miserable
Love when one of them susses I have the camera out
All this aid I might also need a sleep!!!

Back home and into dry comfies (not that I really wear anything else these days!)

I’ve washed the bedding so we get clean bed tonight which is something to look forward to. Life in the fast lane eh?!?

I am finally ready to change
The new me!
I have peace 💜
The story of my life now 🥰

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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