Day 398 and it’s May already?!? Where did this year go? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Shelagh from Enhanced Well-being shared this!

Well I had a rotten sleep in first night of new bedroom and she who does not drink anymore woke up with what can only be described as a hangover! That’s so unfair.

We woke at 4.30am (the one day he wasn’t getting up for the gym!!) and my throat was sore and my head was thumping. The day after I drank lots of water, ate a lovely healthy salad and did lots of housework?!?

I do wonder if it may have been the fresh paint in the bedroom though I can’t smell it?!

Anyway, I’ve not let that spoil the day.

Claire and I met at 8.20am for dog walk. It makes it so much easier when I meet someone to walk otherwise I’d have stayed in bed. There are no photos……. yes I am as shocked as you….. we had a cuppa in our garden afterwards. There wasn’t a breath of wind. So calm and peaceful and no one else seemed to be around.

Then I decided to head to the sea…. be rude not to?!? Housework is done, dogs are walked and Craig’s working. so fear not… here come the pics…. 😆

I’m back in my usual spot but the tide’s really far out
A deep seaweed pool
It’s really cloudy over Goat Fell on Arran

I got chatting to a couple with a small renovated van who had a 19 week old German Shepherd puppy. She was all fluffy. So puppy and campervan all in one chat. The guy said my wheels were rad. He said my van was the nicest he’s seen and the whole thing was rad. I showed him the interior build and he as away home to google stuff!! I think rad means lovely. 😬😆

I took a walk through the field and down to the main beach this time.

How lovely is this wee rock jutting up through the grass
Spotted this guy! Then stalked him all over the beach… 😆
This was his second move… You can see his shadow in the pool more clearly than you can see him! look at the clouds too.
He keeps thinking he’s got away from me but I keep finding him!
It’s a beautiful morning
Arty stone pic
Arty green seaweed
It’s really soft and slidy!

I did chose to walk all over it and almost lost my balance a few times.

It was cloudy over Arran the whole time
Beautiful real sand, the beach looked stunning
A panoramic
Walked back down a part of the road so I could get pics of the flowers
It’s a lovely wee road
Check this knobbly tree!
Spotted a wee butterfly in these lovely flowers 🌸
sat and had a cuppa in the back of the van
Saw this big ship heading out to sea
Suddenly noticed it had snowed on the mountains!! 🏔
And the wind has picked up and the sea is choppy
This wave hit me!!
Love this swirl!!

This photo above is the bit I usually stand on. It’s the first time I’ve seen it under water.

So I’ve had the loveliest day. I’m back home now for a wee quick nap before we head to the village pub for the first time in at least 6 months if not more.

I did not sleep. The dogs barked every time I almost nodded off. I got up and had a shower instead.

This was the main barking culprit!! She looks like butter wouldn’t melt

So then….. we went out, out! For the first time since before Christmas and albeit, only next door to the village pub.

Alcohol free Gordon’s gin for me!

I love that I can sit in the pub along with everyone else and not feel left out. I am no longer a drinker and that’s just how it is now. I’m actually very proud. Scotland is getting back to a new normal and it’s really nice to see people and chat. I think we are talking to strangers more than we did before and it’s nice!

We sat out in the bed garden for a few hours until we were frozen to a snotter….. to coin that old Scottish saying.

This huge cloud came over and took all the heat away!

Home now in front of the fire and starting to thaw out.

It’s been another lovely day.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥

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