Day 395 back to spring again today thankfully…. SHOPPING 🛍, EYEBROWS AND THE SEA! 🌊

What more do you need in a day?!? I’ve been humming the Pet Shop Boys….. “ we’re S H O P P I NG….. we’re shopping” all day. 🎶🎵🛍

I went to Primark and got two, yes two whole pairs of black cosy leggings. My life is complete. I also bought lots of other stuff which doesn’t fit. Sadly. Horrifyingly.

So let’s get back to the beginning…. a switched on Julie turned up today. Smiling, happy, bright, breezy, confident, cheeky. I mean seriously, how does that actually happen. My anxiety is silent.

Mum laughed and said I’d picked a better version of myself off the shelf this morning. Sometimes it really feels like that…. and I’m so glad I did. It’s such a relief after the last few days.

I’m still tired but the brain fog and panic surrounding it, has gone.

Thought I’d show one of the Tartan Camper rental vans getting a new canvas in her pop top roof. This is Lotty!
And here I am “on the tools” 🤭🤔🤣 for a whole 3 mins I think!

So after work today I decided to attempt the shops for the first time in just over 4 months. It was busy but it wasn’t unbearably busy.

I managed a selfie in the homeware section as it was the only area that was quiet!

I’m trying to look surprised and excited to be in the shops 👀 not sure that I achieved that?!?
The till area is all cordoned off with plastic dividers between each customer and each staff member and the staff all had masks on too

So yeah, nothing much I picked up fits me. I really need to motivate myself to get fit again and shed some pounds. I’m a completely stuffing my face these days and it’s just comfort eating. I don’t need half of it.

One day my healthy mojo might come back…. having stir fry for dinner tonight…. that’s a a start?!?

I got my monobrow threaded and had forgotten just how painful it was. The girl told me I was very brave which made me laugh but I was secretly very proud.

I then decided I’d take a wee drive past the beach as I was only a few minutes away. The tide was in which I’ve not seen in Irvine before!

Still very clear
There’s normally sand here!
Not sure what this wee statue was?!
Irvine beach looks tiny when the tide is in
Looking across to Ardheer
Arran in the distance
Right out on the point
Standing here
Looking back to the beach
I wanted to have the courage to tell them I took this photo but I couldn’t 🤭😬🤔
Alisa Craig
A two headed seagull…. they look quite angry 😤
Looking over to the Big Idea in Ardheer which has closed down. It was a science centre
Thought this was lovely, Isle of Arran in the distance

Back home and had a quick cuppa in the garden with Claire. She’s been to the hairdresser and her hair is purple again!! Looks amazing and I forgot to get a selfie of us… dammit.

So off to make the stir fry now. Here’s hoping that’s all I manage to scoff for the night. Might clean my teeth after it as that always stops me eating!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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