Day 393 focus on some positive stuff 😬🤣

Today is the first day I’ve taken some low mood feelings to work. I really tried not to but the lethargy of these last few days is still hanging around. I didn’t sleep that well and woke up with a thumping headache. I did my my deep breathing and read motivational stuff AND did some boxercise exercises ALL before I left for work.

The drive to work felt a bit woolly. I had to shake my head to concentrate. By the time I got there my head was just empty. I couldn’t remember anything that I had done the week before. Questions asked of me were met with a blank look. Frantically searching the tiny memory bank that’s left….. nope… nothing. Empty!

Even looking stuff up and then not remembering the question. Woah.


So instead of winging about this I’m going to focus on the positives.

It was too heavy so I’ll let it go.

Here’s a sunset pic from last night. I actually watched one of my videos of the sea from yesterday to help clear my head.

I love how this beam of light shoots up from the sun as it sets.

Despite my lethargy I took Calaidh and Bhruic out for a walk and actually felt myself striding out and it actually rained!!!!

Some lovely blossom
We all wanted to eat some grass… good for the digestive system (note I did NOT eat grass too…)
I saw an orange centred daffodil and thought how these were my favourite… turned my head to the other side of the road and there were hundreds of them!
The primroses are in full bloom now
Took Freya out after the rain shower!

You know that’s got me thinking we haven’t had April Showers this year at all. Strange as it usually rains lots on and off in April.

Having fun in the burn

So I’m home with my feet up and just read and article my friend Tracey sent me…. very interesting. It describes the time between depression and full flourishing, as languishing. The New York Times reported that it’s when you feel joyless and aimless.

Now that hits the nail on the head!! 🔨💅🏼 nope not that kind of nail…. hammer on the link below, it’s a short read but feels so true to me.

Covid mental health – languishing

Stay safe everyone 🔨🔨🔨

2 thoughts on “Day 393 focus on some positive stuff 😬🤣

    1. That’s the first rain we’ve had. The soil was so dry when I was weeding yesterday. Unheard of at this time of year. Also I don’t rmbr an April this cold?!?! Xx

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