Day 385 a grey moody lazy Sunday 🦥

It was raining this morning….. it’s hasn’t rained in weeks…. cries of “be good for the garden” all round. That said…. it will be as things were looking awfy dry.

I got some lovely flowers yesterday that I didn’t have time to talk about!

Mum and dad brought these
And Claire brought these!

Lovely to have flowers in the house!

So we were up at 5.30am…. on a Sunday…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤔 we were planning to drive to pick up a tent that we were buying and wanted to do it super early before the roads got busy.

Just as we were about to walk out the door, showered and picnic at the ready…. we decided we didn’t need to spend the money and wouldn’t be using it. Wow. Check us, that’s a first but we both knew it.

So instead we went for a dog walk!

Ready, steady go!
Kilbirnie Loch is not the same when it’s grey!
Very calm and still

As I was taking these photos there was a loud bellow from the other side of the rugby pitches…. we heard the voice but didn’t realise he was shouting at us until he screamed “get your f’in dogs on a lead”. 😳

Wow. Bit harsh considering we were at least 300 yards away from him and playing with the frisbee and he was walking towards us. We gathered the pups and got the leads on and as the guy got closer he said he had a “reactive German rescue”. Well bully for you mate.

He proceeded to walk right towards us AND right past us and then let his dog off the lead as he walked away. We were astounded. You don’t say anything until you think it all through. I’d you have a dog that is THAT reactive, you don’t take it to a public place to walk. You certainly don’t own the rights to that public place and why should ours be on lead while yours gets off?!? All very strange. Grumpy auld git.

So there endth the dog walk…. nice…. as long as your “reactive German rescue” got a good walk we’re all happy.

I am not in the best frame of mind this weekend. A fair bit of negativity sloshing about in this old brain of mine. I need to learn to keep up the good mood when the sun doesn’t shine too!

I have already had a nap! To be fair it’s no wonder given the early rise.

And this is very difficult

So I’m going to do a meditation now. See if that helps but also knowing I’ll probably sleep again!

So yeah that was good, I’ve been lying in the bed upstairs reading while Craig watching the football. I’m having a lovely lazy day but I needed it.

This is your Sunday evening reminder that we make our own path in life. We do what we choose to make us happy. Here’s to the week ahead and may it be a good one for you all and may I eat a little bit less. 😳🤔😆

Stay safe everyone 🐳🐳🐳

4 thoughts on “Day 385 a grey moody lazy Sunday 🦥

  1. Flowers are lovely. Can’t believe that dog walker! Could imagine your shocked face as he walked on by. I’m like u next week must not eat 🙄 or atleast try and eat (alot) less!! Have a good week xx

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