Day 384 finally got to see my mum and dad after all this time!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for. We can finally travel in Scotland and mum and dad came over for lunch!!

Dad had not seen the decking at the bottom of the garden so he’s not been here since before lockdown 2020.

So I’m not gonna lie…. there were hugs and a few tears and I didn’t let them go until that but it became awkward….. and the tears were mine (surprise!!)

We sat outside the whole time and it was beautiful in the sun but the minute a cloud came over it was pretty freezing cold. The wind is awfy fresh today!

I’d bought packs of sandwiches and wraps for lunch so I wasn’t giving them food I’d prepared but Craig said they looked like sandwiches you’d buy in a petrol station….. he proceeded to order Subway for delivery at 12.30pm.

This was such a great idea!

We had steak and cheese, pepperoni, chicken and bacon and ham salad foot long subs delivered from Just Eat.

We went out to show them Abbie the camper van as they’d only ever seen inside her on Christmas Eve trying to stay socially distanced and there was an office desk in the back!!

I put the pop top up
Mum and dad testing out the van!

I also opened the scenic canvas for the first time ever.

Let’s loads of air in the van on a lovely day

We so wished we were going away somewhere!

Reminds me we did hear from my mother in law today who’s cousin lives up on the banks of Loch Lomond. She took a photo of the card parked near her house….

They took this from the car, a very busy Loch Lomond today!

Hundreds of people out today.

Mum, me and Dad!
Dad taking a funky shot!

Now in a slight negative there are a lot of horrific photos of me today so I’ve chosen carefully. I have no concept of the size I’ve become until I see myself in photos…. it’s a slight negative but I also accept it is what it is and it will come.

Mum and dad left about 3 ish and I managed an hour and a half nap… hence the reason the blog is so late out tonight.

Claire came round for a fire pit and a takeaway!

I’m in my where’s Wally hat!!
Perfect fire 🔥
Check Bhruic & Freya sitting like book ends down the garden?!?!

It’s being a lovely day seeing people and socialising which has been a long time coming. It’s been so normal and something we’ll never take for granted again.

In other news check the wooden shutters Craigie made for our living room….. love them!

It’s now 10.04pm and I need my bed. A lovely day spent with lovely people and got new lovely shutters. What’s not to love 💕

Today also saw Prince Philip’s funeral. The report below shows how COVID has affected us all. After 73 years of marriage the queen can’t even be close to her family.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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