Day 379 what a beautiful at from sunrise to sunset ☀️☃️☀️☃️☀️

Just after sunrise 🌅

What a beautiful day. A very thick heavy frost overnight so all the fields were white and the sky was so blue. I felt like someone had washed my windscreen overnight!

I wanted to stop in every lay-by and take photos. I did not….. 😬🤣

A super frosty Tartan Camper

One of the guys had opened up the Portacabin office and put my heater on this morning. So lovely of him and it still took a while to heat up. Thank goodness for a job where you don’t have to wear a suit!

We had a sales guy come in for a chat this morning so set up a socially distanced camp outside in the car park…. sat on deckchairs. Love it ♥️

Back up the road by 2pm and on Pawsitive Solutions calls. Booked 2 so behaviour jobs so that went well.

I’m not gonna lie. I am tired. I have 3 days off from dog calls just for a break as I’ve been making calls through all of lockdown. The team are back working now and I’m so grateful that they can take back the reigns for a few days.

So despite being ready to fall asleep.. Claire messaged about going a walk and I’m so glad I did. We took Freya!

Here she is modelling the back of Craigs car as he just got the dog guard and matting delivered!
Beautiful evening too, still cold!
This is Beith’s Woody Bear
Sunset on the village
How lovely is this bush at the Village Primary School? Don’t think I’ve ever notice it in bloom before

This is first day I’ve done 10k steps in 3 weeks.

I will sleep tonight!

Stay safe everyone 🌅☀️🌄

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