Day 378 why do I struggle to know what to do for the best on a day off? 🤨 yet it works out perfectly in the end 🌊☀️🐶

I could not wake up this morning. Had the best sleep but it was one of those ones that I can’t open my eyes up from…. I finally got out of bed after 10 but I didn’t feel particularly rested.

Oh hullo…… yep there’s the answer 💜💙💚

Given my new 2 job status, I’m conscious the following week will disappear in a blur. So I need to make the best use of today.

And yet this is what actually got me out of bed!

I walk around and see so many things that need doing. I might even list them here as this is a journal to help my mental health and none else sees it…… right…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤨🙄

  • Bedding needs washed and bedroom needs hoovered
  • Weeding SERIOUSLY needs done in the garden
  • Grass need swept (yes I did say that… it’s artificial as 3 female Border Collies and real grass doth not a good combination make…) they have so many sticks all over it and bits of chewed toy
  • Stairs and upstairs need hoovered BIG TIME
  • Meals need planned for next week
  • Already done an online food shop ✅
  • Ooooh dogs need walked
  • Abbie needs some serious organisation inside
  • Crochet squares need doing
  • Washing needs to be put away

Now I write it out I see the NEEDS…… NEEDS….NEEDS…. it’s not actually that big a list and none of it actually does need doing right here, right now (cue the song…. 🎧🎵🎶

Except of course the pooches…. should say that Bhru isn’t limping anything like she was yesterday so that’s good. Will only take the other 2 today just to give her paw a rest.

My next door neighbour Angel has just messaged to say that I have to go into her garden for a coffee…. my reply…. don’t suppose you could cope with a wee dog saunter too. SHE SAID YES!!!!

I got a wee surprise lunch!

We then took Calaidh and Freya a walk and would you believe took zero pics!

The following is so very true. I know all this yet at times things still overwhelm me.

Adjusting my stress and I took me and Bhru off down to the beach.

Isle of Arran from Portencross
Love jumping the rocks! sore leg?!? Nope
Wow check this?!?
Throw it
This…. throw it
Think the kid over there will throw it?!
Just play with it myself then….. can I breathe under water?!?
Got it out….. still breathing
Love this wee “path” down to the sea
Green rocks
This is very “West of Scotland” rocks
Off again
Just beautiful
And breathe
The weathers coming in
The breeze had calmed right down and the saw has calmed…… see that cloud at the end of Arran…. it’s snow!
It’s now snowing!!!! Here too!

Oh and now we have hailstones. Gotta love Scotland in April. It never knows what to do in a day.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and wishing you all the best for a lovely week ahead.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☃️☀️

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