Day 377 a surprisingly beautiful day ☀️☀️☀️ AND saw the in-laws for the first time in 2021

After an early Friday night we were wide awake at 7am. It’s a beautiful day though the grass was white and frosty. It’s meant to be a high of 5C or something today but it feels way warmer in the sun. (I should add here that throughout the day, if the sun did disappear then it felt THAT cold!!)

Here we all are in the van ready to go somewhere nice to let the dogs have a big run, it’s not the best photo…. I’d made the bed up with a blanket on it to keep the van reasonably clean.

Check the spot down at Kilbirnie Loch.
View out the back door
Got a close up of the most beautiful blossom tree for the first time this year
Mr Sporty Spice and the pups went for a run round the rugby pitches while I did a litter pick
He’s back! one day I might join him for that run…
Bhru off to join the other 2 at the water
Having a paddle, making ripples
They disturbed this Heron

I’m sure can imagine me horsing across to try and get a photo of it flying away?!? It’s no a braw picture 🤣

So still…… except for pupster ripples
Had to do the foot thing!!
You can still se the stop of frost in the shade
It does say don’t go out on the Boardwalk….
Just stunning…. not a breath
Then spotted, or rather, heard this swan landing!
Swan silhouette 🦢 🦢
Head down bum’s up!
The he found a friend!

It took me about 352 swan photos to get these 3 for the blog…. 😂🤣

I’m thinking this would be a great place to swim?!?

And then I go and spoil it all.

We’d put the dogs in the van and I open it up to see the mess. Muddy paw prints everywhere and I lose it. We’re trying to tidy up and I don’t know where to put anything, I don’t care where I put everything as in my overreactive head the van is ruined. My day is ruined. Why is everything always so hard with the dogs, why can’t we just have some time to chill and relax somewhere without always having to think of them. We had put them in for a sleep and they create a mess so I’d rather have left them out.

I turned what was a lovely morning into a big drama.

Got home and emptied the van. Got a bowl of hot water and washing up liquid and had it clean in about 15 minutes and even then that’s exaggerating. You would never know they’ve been there. It’s back to normal. Honestly.

Even after all this time, all the work I’ve put into my recovery I still blow up at nothing. Something triggers my stress and it blows. I have managed to control so much but sometimes its out before I even realise it. It’s another thing for me to work on in Kinesiology.

So…..onto nicer things. We went up to see Craig’s mum and step dad today! First time since a present drop off on Christmas Eve.

Doug had just had his haircut!
My lovely mawlaw
Could I get the little Princess Cookie to look at the camera?!?
Cookie!!!!!! Cook-co-cook-cook-cook-cook-cook-cook-cookie!!
So lovely to see them!

We’ve had the loveliest few hours with them. For one thing it was so nice to be in their garden without the pouring rain we’ve had on any other lockdown visit and more importantly it was so lovely to see them after all this time. It seemed like a normal day.

Now….. CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!

This……. is a YumNut…… a yum yum in the shape of a doughnut 🍩 with raspberry topping. Out. Of. This. World.

Sammy the squirrel 🐿 was eating on the breakfast decking
Sammy the Squirrel hears Cookie coming!!
Sammy the Squirrel 🐿 in mad dash to higher ground…. via much lower ground first. Sammy made it as he always does apparently, thankfully!

I got to drive the new car home. What a lovely drive, honestly zero effort needed. With the van I’m looking for potholes like crazy to avoid them all. The Touareg sails across a pothole like it’s nothing. A lovely drive.

Bhru has a sore paw after her big run today. We’ll have to keep an eye on her and see how it is in the morning.

Sore paw pup

Stay safe everyone 🐾🐾🐾

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