Day 369 April Fools Day 🥳

A good one from my new job!

So I had a chance to have a lie in today…. had the Osteopath this morning at 9.30 so could have an extra 2 hours in bed…. no… I chose to get up early, clean the bathroom, put a washing on, have a shower and wash and dry my hair and then head to my appointment. Result. 5.15pm and I’m exhausted.

I literally hammered myself into floods of tears.

I had another good few hours at Tartan but overran a bit and had a dog behaviour call scheduled for 2pm. I couldn’t make that so apologised just before 2pm. It was an enquiry call so not a paying client but I just seemed to go into a mini meltdown. I was in a spiral of panic. I drove home about 45 mins later than I should have, beating myself up for that. Then thought the van had some wheel wobble and I beat myself up for that. Then I spoke to Craig who said my handsfree has really bad interference so I was raging at that. Still don’t have my reverse camera fixed because I’m so busy I keep forgetting to ask. I literally hammered myself into the ground and the result was floods of tears.

Then I see this….

My day has been good. I’m tired. I’m doing more than I have done in a very, very long time. I’ve not had to think this much for years.

I try….. so hard.
This made me smile 😊

I’m gonna leave this here tonight. Need to get some sleep. 🛌😴💤

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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