Day 368 sold a camper conversion today!! Ok I helped…. watched…. 😬🤣

Well, that was not the best nights sleep that I’ve ever had…. I went to bed in a bad mood and I shouldn’t have. I was restless all night thinking about it. I read this:

I’ve really struggled with my weight/food/exercise these last few years and desperately want to lose weight but it’s just not something I can deal with just now. I’ve tried… if you’ve followed this blog you’ll have seen the weeks at 15k steps a day, the weeks I’ve tracked my food… but I can’t seem to do it all at once. I’m using a lot of energy just now just being….. I don’t know if that makes sense but it does to me. In my lack of sleep I realised that actually this post was accurate…. it hurt me and I was angry at it but its right. I don’t want to lose the fat as much as I want to take each day at a time and listen to what my body and mind need.

In more positive news….

Check this wee guy! Claire bought me it for the office! It is a sloth holding flowers in its tummy but I also see a dove with flowers on its back! 🌸

I also got a congrats in new new job card with mini eggs and Malteser bunnies from my friend Gillian.🐣

So this next thing is lovely…. Auntie Jac saw this today and thought it summed up my new career.


Isn’t that a lovely way of thinking about things?

Speaking of my new half of my career…. I worked from 8am to 3pm today as I have an Osteopath appointment tomorrow morning. Guess what….. I had my first customer meeting and we sold a van conversion!!! Woo hoo! Deposit received same day snd I have already ordered the pop top roof and the inside furniture. Boom!

Would you believe we had the meeting outside on deckchairs as the sun was out. It wasn’t particularly warm but it was warmer than inside the workshop…. I have ALWAYS wanted a job where you could be outside in the good weather!

I also had my friend Radley come visit after lunch…. think he wants something?!?

Back home about 3.30pm and then onto my Pawsitive Solutions calls. Work done by 4.30pm… Then out to the van to fit my new rear seat storage….

Now I could have bought something that was £75 per seat but I’ve gone for something that was £5 per seat!!

It does the job and I have a space for my kitchen roll at the bottom!!
Passenger seat. Just handy to have somewhere to shove stuff!!

So it’s as cheap as chips but will be great for us to get used to the van.

After dinner I intend not moving until it’s time for bed. 2,633 steps today but that’s ok…. it will just have to be 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😳😬🤣

Stay safe everyone 🚐🐶🚐

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