Day 366… The Rambling Sloth πŸ¦₯ becomes the busy bee πŸ

I did not want to move when the alarm went off this morning…. I think I spent a fair bit of the night wondering when 6.30am was coming, without looking at the time. 😴πŸ₯±

Why did I agree to do a job that needs an alarm? Who’s idea was this? Vowed I’d never go back to early morning starts…. you get the drift…… let’s get this clear… getting up at 6.30am is a whole lot better than 5.30am like my previous job. Also now that I don’t care how I look (🀭😁) I will get that time right down to the wire. At the moment I am just practicing at getting out the door with everything I need. It’s not going that great…. I forgot to clean my teeth one day, forgot food one day and forgot my water today but as the days go on I expect to claw all of that back and be organised once more! I really should write a checklist….. note to self! I actually do love a good list.

So I was at Tartan Campers today for 7.45am and worked until just after one. All going great!

Back home, had lunch as I was STARVING and was close to devouring my right arm… why is this saying not the left arm?!? Does it not taste as nice? 🀣🀣

Then up to my upstairs bedroom office for round 2 until 5pm Pawsitive Solutions calls.

Another full day and I think I’m better for it. I think I am more focussed and less faffy which is a technical term in my book. I definitely feel more alert and involved and a part of something.

One of my friends messaged this afternoon to say she’s booked Tartan Campers rental van Archie for her holidays!!! How cool is that?! Can’t wait to see her when she comes to pick it up in a few months! We better be allowed to hug by then….. πŸ€—πŸ’•

I love this next one….. β™₯️β™₯️

I love being this person πŸ’ž

My blogger friend at The Windsor Waffle said that The Rambling Sloth seems more like The Busy Bee at the moment… that made me smile 😊 and so I pinched it for my heading today. Don’t worry, not changing the name and normal blog service is continuing for now. 😬

Keep being kind to others, keep smiling and keep giving out ransoms compliments and the world and you will be all the better for it.

Stay safe everyone πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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