Day 352 a self care day ♥️

I knew this morning it would be one of these days. I didn’t want to open my eyes… couldn’t open my eyes. A real deep seated exhaustion type of sleep the feels very lovely when you’re in it but very hard to wake up from.

Then along come the tears. Streaming for no real reason. I guess an anger at my lethargy and tears helps fuel it. Why can’t I pull myself together, why can’t I just be normal.

Then some clarity. Lockdown is bloody hard. I’ve hardly seen anyone in a year. There are no hugs and kisses… life is a strange distanced dance that we now do round about anyone we meet.

I need to listen to my body telling me it needs to rest… instead of being angry and upset at it. It takes me until about 11.30 to realise this though.

I have a headache and stomach cramp so today was always going to be a yucky kind of day.

I sat outside in my jammies with a coffee ☕️

It’s a lovely morning and my lovely neighbour is off today so messaged suggesting a cuppa or a walk. So we set off out with Bhruic and Freya.

Calaidh knows it’s her turn next (resigned though not overjoyed by it)
It’s a lovely sky
I love this wee shed at Browns Pressure Washers
It looks really quaint and oldie worldie
The sky over the J&B whisky bond

I know I’m getting nothing done today and I have to accept it. I have some breakfast, message the few enquiries from over the weekend and advise them I’ll call tomorrow as I know a day of rest will clear my head.

I grew up to believe patience is a virtue…. I choose to forget this on a regular basis!!

Claire took Calaidh out for a walk later on as she was going anyway. So lovely of her. I haven’t slept yet but I have rested, no phone, no book, no crochet, just eyes shut resting.

Calaidh having a run in the field!
Family and friends ♥️♥️♥️

Stay safe everyone 😴😴😴

6 thoughts on “Day 352 a self care day ♥️

    1. I go from the anxiety and catastrophising how I’m feeling to realising why I’m feeling like that and listening to what I need rather than beating myself up for it! ♥️

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