Day 351 Mother’s Day in lockdown & Freya’s 4th birthday 🐾🎉🥳🎊

Happy Mother’s Day Mum!! Gutted we can’t see you this year.

My mum and my Gran 💜💜
This is my Nana, dads mum. Thinking of her too on Mother’s Day.

Really miss Gran and Nana. Lovely to see some photos of them this morning. ♥️♥️♥️

I could not wake up today. I got up at 8 then went back to bed until 10. I felt super antsy so did a Suzanne Robichaud Meditation for Empaths. It made me relax enough to fall back to sleep.

Meditation for Empaths

I just love the sound of Suzanne’s voice. She practices in North Vancouver. My friend from primary one who lives there recommended her!

So back up at 10, showered and then over to help with the local pub’s Mother’s Day cream tea prep!!

I was jammin’ this morning!! 120 scone halves
Someone else was on pancakes and then they all needed cream added!

We got everything ready and packed into bags for either delivery or collection.

Here it is all set up in Claire’s garden! She really kindly invited me to share hers since I couldn’t see my mum today.

She had such a beautiful set up. Had lots of cake and Nosecco, what’s not to love. We sat outside until just before 5pm!

She had the gazebo set up, a wee hot water bottle, hand warmer and blanket so while it rained for a bit it was warm enough being outside. At the end of the afternoon she picked up leftovers to take them into the house and the sun came out…… typical Scottish weather. The forecast has been so much worse than it ended up being! We were so lucky!

A lovely day!

I got home after 5 and had a FaceTime with Mum. I’d wanted to catch up earlier but time totally disappeared. I’d got really upset earlier on that I’d missed her. She opened her present and we had a quick chat.

Then….. I did it all again!!! Cream tea and Nosecco with Craig this time. Wow!!

So this little pupper turned 4 today.

She had a very itchy paw while I took photos!!

This was the photo that led to us getting a third dog…. little Runtie pup.

She was super tiny and hardly had any ears!

Freya first poo in the garden 🪴
Us when we were both much smaller 😆😆
Here she is with Craig…. ♥️♥️
How cute?!?!?!?

Hope all you lovely mothers out there had a lovely day. Thinking of those of you who don’t have your mums any more. I feel awful that I didn’t dedicate much time to mum today but will get a good phone catch up this week.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of us dog mums out there 🐾🐾

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

2 thoughts on “Day 351 Mother’s Day in lockdown & Freya’s 4th birthday 🐾🎉🥳🎊

    1. It really was! I think the rest of the world celebrates it in May but we close to have it as part of the religious calendar so it moves around every year along with lent and Easter… strange eh?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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