Day 348 reflections in puddles ♥️

I am quite chuffed with the name of today’s blog…. because I have taken a fair few photos of reflections in puddles today and also I’m reflecting on the puddles of tears I was in yesterday. I think if I have to explain it it maybe loses some of its coolness but hey…. didn’t want you to miss that connection. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

I went to bed in tears last night and woke up in tears this morning.

A FB memory of mum and I on Mother’s Day 2018 set me off. We were side by side, touching…. all those things we took for granted. This year I can’t see her let alone hug her. That makes me sad.

This was back in my drinking days where that was real Prosecco too. Back in the days where I couldn’t get enough and would have wanted more when I got home. These days it’s Nosecco all the way!

We were up early today and Craig made garlic mushrooms on toast with coffee for breakie. Was lovely but be very glad you can’t be near me today. I can still taste it.

I took Freya and Calaidh out for a walk and we were so lucky to get a walk in between showers. Not only did March not come in like a lion…. it’s now giving us April showers?!?

Had my new hikies on today with new socks and check the moulting Freya hair all over my leggings 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣
Daffies almost there
Sky reflection in a puddle
Gate reflections in a puddle
Calaidh and a Ivy tree… puddle reflections poor!
This made me giggle a lot… still does…

Freya is constantly looking for something to pick up in her mouth to run about with and I was just lucky that I clicked just before she bent down to get the stick!! It really took my bad mood away. 😆😆😆

Love the mossy trees
Love this wee den!
Miniature daffs
The heavy rain yesterday created lots of patterns on the path
Calaidh having a wee shake!
Beautiful Calaidh
More reflections…. on a road but there were puddles everywhere!
Big puddle in the field!
Last big puddle!!

I had wee Rachel for homeschooling today and she had to wear her old clothes to come here as Freya is moulting so badly.

Her leggings after a quick cuddle with Freya!!
These are hail stones!! They were huge. We went running out to see the and they stopped!

When she left to go into actual school, I ran down to the Post Office in the van not actual running….. obviously…. 😆

I’ve spent the afternoon doing the Pawsitive Solutions actions I took on our call yesterday. I’ve now got my Pawsitive Solutions email set up. Finalised my bio for the web page and reviewed the Pawsitive Puppies packages that I want to offer. I also reviewed the questions that we ask on our FB community page.

An afternoon well spent.

It’s 5.30pm already and I feel the day went quite quickly for a change.

I’ve got a FaceTime call with Claire later as Craig will be watching Rangers play Slavia Prague tonight. I get to watch the first hour of it….. yay…… love football….. actually I don’t mind it in lockdown to be honest.

The relief to be out of the downward spiral of yesterday is immense. I felt a lack of control in so many ways. I felt like I’d just announced how good I felt then wham, right back down again. Tears, puddles of tears…..

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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