Day 347 never get too cocky about good mood times…. then put in the work to get it back ♥️

Wow yeah my mind just slapped me in the face this morning. Obviously I was just too cool with the new zen like and chilled out me.

I’m on the major defensive, overreaction and tears at nothing…. just when I thought everything was getting on track… whine, whine, whine (that’s my head by the way…..) Everything is triggering me.

I’ve done some Kinesiology balancing to being my wazoo mood back down to ground level.

Now this is way too dramatic, I am not close to drowning today… far from it but the picture made me smile. It does sometimes feel that jo matter how hard I try something tries to pull me back under…. but that dear friends, is all me… all in my own mind. Just chill the f*** out 😬

I did some work on Craig’s spreadsheet this morning… nothing like a good spreadsheet to calm the mind… also made some calls, had a Zoom chat with Lorna and had a puppy zoom with a client at 12.30.

All went well!

I had mushroom bolognese for lunch… there’s been a mushroom thing going on these last few days 🍄 😆🍄

I decided the best way to try to turn the afternoon around was to do a Suzanne Robichaud guided Meditation.

Clearing Negative/Trauma Energy from the Body

I remember getting as far as a countdown from 10 down to 1….. I do remember getting to 1….. I remember hearing Suzanne stop talking and then it was half an hour later. another lovely nap. A healing nap.

So I’m back downstairs, it’s only 5pm but we’re gonna watch a movie. I’m going draw a line under today and start again in the morning.

Stay safe everyone 🍄🍄🍄

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