Day 344 housework, lovely walk and lunch out in the park….. oh and Rangers with the Scottish Premier League ⚽️ ðŸ†ðŸ¥‡

Awake at 7am this morning and did my usual Sunday motivational search on social media.

Now the following made me laugh out loud!!

It took me a while to figure the second word out but it sums life up just now. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I don’t know why this touched me so much but it really did….

Of all the leaders in the world it really hit me to see the Dalia Lama getting his COVID-19 vaccine. Wow. This really is a worldwide pandemic. (I know that I know that it is but I’ve never really thought of it…)

This really made me think how hard times actually are just now. I haven’t seen Mum and Dad or my in-laws Christmas Eve. I haven’t seen my brother and his family for over a year, same with Craigs brother and sister. We’ve stuck to the every rule as much as possible and it’s been really hard.

So my motivational search was not going quite so well….. however, I am grateful that we are all healthy though and still know very few people who have actually caught COVID-19.

So another productive morning for Team Avery. Up at 8am and chores split and off we went. After a coffee and dog portrait photography of course!

Bhruic the ball thief

By 11.30am the house was spotless again. Even the dogs room was done. It really does clear your head when your house is clean.

I had to empty the Shark vacuum 3 times… I am soooo not impressed with the Shark. It does everything it’s not meant to do. Hairs wrap around the anti-hair wrap bar. It seems to do it more than any other hoover iI have ever owned. It’s maybe upset because I still cal it a hoover. 🙄😬😆

Anyway, I jumped in the shower and was ready for a walk with Claire and Calaidh to Nosh in Barmill.

Lovely sky!
The colours are mellow

We only took Calaidh with us so we could get a takeaway lunch and take it to the Barmill Community Park and don’t have to watch all 3 dogs at once….

Some lovely flowers
Calaidh had a paddle!
The sun is almost out!

By the end of our walk I already knew that Rangers had won the league as Craig had text. I’m not a football fan to be honest but even I got goosebumps watching the end of the game that led them to win.

Capturing the moment

It’s been 10 years since Rangers last won the league. In 2012 they dropped down into the bottom division due to a debt crisis and have had to work their way back up.

A very proud moment for so many fans yet due to COVID-19 no-one attends the games and no one should be mixing for celebrations. I’m hearing there are a large number of fans heading into Glasgow which isn’t great but this win has been a long time coming.

Cheers with an alcohol free Nosecco

Stay safe everyone 🏆⚽️🥂

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