Day 341 March… if in like a lamb 🐑 does it go out like a lion 🦁 ?!

It’s now the 4th March and this has been bugging me since the 1st.

Every February I wait intently and smile when it comes in like a lion…. safe in the knowledge that the better weather is coming and we will be going out like a lamb.

Sadly this is something that usually keeps me going throughout the month of March. Now for as long as I can remember…. I have no recollection of March coming in like a lamb as it did this year.

A hour or so after sunrise on 1st March
Sunset on 1st March

I am unsettled….. does this mean we were just lucky? Does it mean that climate change has sadly rid the start of March of its lion status? Or……. more worryingly…. does it mean…..


I did all of this overthinking before 7am again…… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆

I have a puppy zoom call with clients at 10am this morning so I am antsy. I feel more awake than yesterday (thankfully) but still not right. I feel a bit sick. I realise though that when you have things to do and you’re feeling a bit rotten, you do just bundle it up into a ball and kind of park it somewhere. On a day where I have nothing to do it washes over me and I listen to it and act accordingly.

There so nothing better than the high of finishing a puppy call with clients. I feel like I have really helped them, I have confidence in my own abilities, I am on a high. I did something worthwhile. Boom!!!

This is my Great Auntie Margaret. She got the blanket that I crocheted for her.

So it’s been a busy day. I wrote up my bio for Pawsitive Solutions website and spent gages hunting through the 11,300 puppy photos on my phone. Obviously not through them all but that’s how many I have…. anyone has any photos of me with one of my own or your pups, please send them to me!!

I had my monthly tapping session at 3pm with Shelagh Cumming and the girls. Always good to catch up and this week we worked on “I will succeed” which made me smile as I had already written the blog with the bit about success above.

4-5 was nap time and 5-5.45 was a lovely quick walk with Claire.

Almost ready to bud!
Sunset over the church in Beith
A gate sunset!
I think it’s gonna be a good one but I have another puppy call at 6 so might miss the finale
Claire took this behind our village hall. Loads of snowdrops!

So a busy day. I’ve been up and down mood wise but it’s all packaged away in time for my calls… here goes round 2 for the day!

Stay safe everyone 🌅🌅🌅

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