Day 339 last nights sunset, cake and coffee and The Little Coffee Caravan and other stuff ☕️🧁

I would not have believed this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…. wow!

Sunset in our village

It really was that colour. If anything the photo doesn’t do it justice.

The view from the back garden

I don’t like I’ve ever seen a sunset like that. Thanks to some lovely neighbours for letting me know it was happening! Neighbourhood sunset watch! 🌅

Seemed to sleep ok last night and woke up without that deep seated sadness but I’m also not bounding around like Heidi the mountain goat either.

I’m tired…. oh my god… beat a different drum pet. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😴

I finally made it to the Post Office this morning to send my parcels and also had to head to Lochwinnoch to our closest Hermes drop off. I have been known in the past to refer to this the Herpes drop off…. 😳😬 so I have to be very careful when I say it now.

Lochwinnoch means I have to pass the Little Coffe Caravan…. so needs must!

To the front is blueberry bake well tart and the back one is wild cherry and white chocolate blondie. They were both amazing but the blondie wins!

I had a coconut milk latte this time. I was a very lovely wife and brought Craig a bacon roll too. 💗

After devouring half of each cake I sat down to make more dog behaviour calls. The enquiries are picking up a bit now. The. Went to walk Bhruic and Freya.

Love this tree and entrance onto Spiers School ground field
Ready for action, stop taking photos!!
How pretty are these snowdrops?
Yellow crocus coming through

It was meant to be sunny all day today but the mist has been hanging around a bit. It’s super cold too so big jumper is on unlike yesterday when I could sit out in a T-shirt.

Feel like I’ve been working almost all day (yes like a normal person!) but I’m all set up to go with a puppy zoom call. I’ve booked another job for Craig today too. It’s been a successful business day.

I am going to miss the sunset tonight so I hope it gives a good display at my office bedroom window albeit south facing….

Puppy call done and just booked another one. I’m on a roll. But I need to sit down and rest now!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

7 thoughts on “Day 339 last nights sunset, cake and coffee and The Little Coffee Caravan and other stuff ☕️🧁

  1. Wow, the sun set is stunning. I have never seen anything like this ever, I want to!! Thanks for sharing.
    Coffee caravan…..I need to go here, cakes look amazing. Glad you had a productive day today. Oh and. The jeep, can’t believe its up for sale 😔 hope you get a buyer though x


    1. The sunset definitely helped make it very pretty. I couldn’t believe those colours. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that!! 🌇 🤩

      Liked by 1 person

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