Day 338 1st March sunshine helps mood wobbles ☀️😢😁

We did not move off the couch yesterday…. we watched 15 episodes of Superstore season 3. When we went to bed at 11 I read one of the four books I’m reading until it was finished (thank you Evelyn!)

Ticked off all ten!

I think I went to sleep very highly strung, living in a world of make believe…. more so than usual. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😆

I don’t feel like I slept the best so I couldn’t open my eyes this morning. It wasn’t a nice feeling though. It was a proper slump. Feeling very drained, exhausted, fed up and very sorry for myself. Craig got up and let the dogs out and I lay there and wallowed.

Claire sent me the loveliest photo….

And she told me I was going to have a lovely day. How lovely is that?! She also sent me this which did make me laugh….

A stunning gate and I’m not sure this one has ever featured in my blog?!?

Holly my other next door neighbour messaged about going on a dog walk at 9.30 and I knew then that I could do that and it would really help get me motivated for the day.

Just goes to show that you have no idea how a simple suggestion can make a difference to someone’s day…

I walked in to the kitchen, burst into tears and told Craig I was just so tired of feeling rotten. I had my shower and came back through and said “ok let’s start the day again….. Morning husband!!” 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

Morning coffee in the sunshine ☀️
Calaidh looking regal
Beautiful dog walk
The mist was rolling in from the sea (cue Paul McCartney)

By the time we got home the mist had come down but cleared within an hour or so. It’s been a glorious day.

I had a good few dog behaviour calls today so got on with that as Craig got the camper van awning out so we can sell it.

He agreed to do this by himself so that we didn’t argue… 😇😍

In the meantime I booked him 2 jobs for this week and and puppy for myself. I ended up working for quite a while today. I felt totally confident until I got tired…..

I also got the camper booked in to Tartan Campers for the reversing camera…. finally answered my 4th text, so it’s off in w/c 23rd March. I haven’t tackled the wheel issue today but it will still be there tomorrow.

I washed blankets, got the awning up for sale and then Claire popped in for a garden cuppa as she’s off work today.

Forgot to say I got this lovely card from my Auntie Jac last week ♥️
And this lovely edible coloured orange wool which she picked in last year but never got the chance to give me. It’s a beautiful colour 🍊🧶

So in chatting right Claire I realise I have had very productive day. I don’t feel great… the tears are not far away but the main thing is there is no real reason for it. There is nothing bad or upsetting. It’s just general low mood. Spending time in the sun really helped. Actually sitting out with a T-shirt on at one point when the upstairs office got too hot! That’s gonna be a sweat box in the real heat if I can’t cope on the 1st March. 🥵😆

Stay safe everyone 🧶🍊🧶

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