Day 322 my glasses are ready so back to Largs! (I did not plan this honestly!) 🤓🌊⛴☕️❄️

I am typing this wearing varifocals for the first time in my life. Might take a wee bit of getting used to but at least if I wear glasses all the time I am less likely to keep losing them. She says….

Had to add glasses to my Memoji…. 1st world problems.

So we were super productive today! We’d had a big chat with Craig’s mum before 9am. She had the Pfizer vaccination yesterday, the same one as my mum. (Dad was Oxford/AstraZeneca).

We then did some School of Canine Science puppy training on line again. We covered Classical and Operant Conditioning this morning…. oooooh check us. Really interesting and we have to complete a wee test before we can move on to the next module. Kept us busy for a good few hours.

Craig then had to nip across the road to Elly’s Cakes to pick up a wee valentines gift… he had them booked for collection at 11.25 and he couldn’t sneak out the house as we were in the middle of the training! COVID-19 lockdown problems… can’t get away from each other!!

These will taste sooooo good! Raspberry and chocolate.

Got the text from Specsavers to say my glasses were ready! Didn’t expect them for another week. I phoned the store as I thought Saturday would be too busy for collection but they said to come any time…. try and stop me going to Largs…. 😬😆

It was so different from yesterday. They sky is completely overcast and it started to snow just before I left. From here to Largs involves negotiating Clyde Muirshiel and Haylie Brae. It’s awfy steep and not a road I’d want to be on in Abbie the camper in snow. Especially before I upgrade my wheels and tyres to allow more grip….

Anyway, it was a lovely drive. It was amazing driving through the driving snow. Many “driving’s” but when it comes at the windscreen like that it is fascinating. Like jumping to warp speed in space… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 ok slight exaggeration 😆

I’m definitely a fair weather photographer. It was snowing heavily here but if you look closely you can see about 1 flake!! ❄️
The CalMac Cumbrae ferry Catriona docked in Largs at high tide.
Not often I see the tide this high. Hardly any distinction between the grey of the sea and the grey of the sky!!

Of course I had a Costa Coffee ordered for collection on the app. It all worked like clockwork. A Coconut milk vanilla latte again.

It’s very cold today…. as low as -6C and that’s when we realise we are really not so used to minus numbers. Your hands actually hurt with the cold pretty quickly.

New glasses 🤓

Took my coffee and wee bit of rocky road to the sea but the snow was falling pretty heavily and I thought I better get back up the Brae and Clyde Muirshiel pretty sharpish. There were tracks on the snowy road but it was a lot clearer than I thought it would be.

There are two reservoirs on the road home that were absolutely stunning. Frozen with the icing sugar snow blowing over the ice. Sadly there is nowhere to stop to actually get any photos.

Had to stop in Tesco to pick up some wine for Craig and it was HEAVING!! Valentine’s Day tomorrow had obviously brought everyone out the woodwork. The shop has a traffic light entrance system but they obviously let a lot of people in as it was busy. Probably the busiest shop I’ve been in during a lockdown.

Back home without any weather hitches and have my feet up with a Becks Blue as I write this.

Bhruic watching the football with her dad!!

Lots of people have been asking for Calaidh and she’s doing ok with her phantom pregnancy… no more curdling howls thankfully. She’s just clingy….

What ya typing mumma?!?
Bored with you now….

We have a Chinese takeaway coming tonight… Valentines Day tomorrow… any excuse. Guess there’ll be more episodes of The Man in the High Castle. Not much else for it…. maybe a movie. It is Saturday night after all. Saturday night STILL in lockdown….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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