Day 316 another lockdown Sunday in winter… a lazy day methinks ðŸ¥¶

Got sent this from a lovely lady in Denmark this morning so thought I should share 😁

Have to start by congratulating Scotland for the rugby win over England yesterday winning the Calcutta Cup 11-6. What a game, our team were amazing and they should be very proud!

Anyway, onto today, I love a Sunday in lockdown. There is no pressure for us to do anything at all.

Love this!!!

Despite the FUR-EEEEEEE-ZIN’ temperatures out there today I can officially report that even up here in South West Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 spring is a-springing…. check out the carpet of snowdrops I found on the dog walk this morning with my neighbour Holly.

They were literally everywhere

I also spotted about 3 inches of daffodil 🌼 stems coming through. I cannot wait for spring and summer. We walked up through the fields and had a great view over North Ayrshire but it never looks great in photos when the sun is nowhere to be seen!

If you zoom in on this pic you will see the ruined fam cottage and the very old and rusty stem engine! It looked better in real life!
Instead of washing her paws in the burn… she waits for something else to happen…. it never does
Leo very muddy and camera shy
Then we met Muck the golden retriever who was all clean and ready for his walk

Poor Calaidh had to have a full bath when I got home. She was filthy!!! We had got ourselves stuck in a field that had been re-fenced and Calaidh went right through the muddiest mud ever…. I even had to bath and shower my hiking boots!

Calaidh was a wee sorry soul but very good… then I had to wash the bathroom!!! Craig took Bhru and Freya out and they came back fine.

I’ve had a wee pamper to myself and painted my nails. This glittery stuff is a nightmare to work with (who do I think I am eh?!?) but it’s bright and cheery… and teal… which seems to be the attraction for anything these days. Toes are purple but pics are no sae braw….

I am really tired today but thankfully my head is calm.
This made me smile! Need to get the crochet out again!

So I’ve not much more to report today. There will definitely be a nap this afternoon. The fire is on and the football is nearly finished. I just heard a “YES…. YES…. YES…..” from the living room so sounds like that’s going well. I can publish the blog now as I’m fairly certain there is gonna be hee-haw else happening and it will make me feel like I have a “day off”!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

2 thoughts on “Day 316 another lockdown Sunday in winter… a lazy day methinks ðŸ¥¶

    1. Awwwww thank you so much for that. I write for my own sanity but I always hope that it will help someone else. Thank you for your kind words. Xx


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