Day 313 calm, structured and in control, check me?!? 🤭😬😆

Thank goodness this version of me woke up today. Maybe I should start giving the various versions of me different names 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣 jeez how bored am I?!?

I have actually stopped short of this but it may come soon….

We were late in bed last night as we’re watching The Man in the High Castle just now. The football had been on all night (women roll their eyes with me) so I wanted a few episodes under my belt before I went to bed. I’m a 10 o’clock bedtime girl…. I have been for as long as I can remember. Have no idea why really but even if I have nothing to do the following day I like to bethinking about bed at 10ish. Funny how we develop these habits. So midnight last night and I didn’t turn into a pumpkin.

So I need to start with some Covid announcements from yesterday.

This man raised millions of pounds for the NHS during our first lockdown by walking in his garden.

So sad to hear of Captain Tom Moore’s death due to COVID-19. I was really surprised to hear he had been on holiday to Barbados over Christmas as that seems to go against everything we are meant to be doing just now and I hope that didn’t attribute to his catching COVID-19. Sad news though.

This is a lovely drawing of him
Now I’m at the point where I really need to know this as I need some new Primark cosy leggings. Urgently.

And boy did it rain today….. enough that it’s now coming in the roof that has already been repaired and the flat roof that really needs replacing. We are soaking up drips with dog blankets and tea towels. The roof has been our biggest single expense since we moved in to this house but it comes with the 250+ year old territory I guess. The roofer is coming out tomorrow to assess the damage…… 🤦🏻‍♀️😳

BIG puddle!!

Left Calaidh at home as she has been limping since the big walk on Monday. We walked in very sleety snow. Super wet.

Russian hood back in action…. with my hi vis on today as it was so dark
The burn’s in full flow
Still pretty but no conducive to clean dogs!!
Despite how miserable today was, there are signs of spring everywhere
More snowdrops!
Bhru and Freya had a blast!
Look at this wee guy. Different to ever other tree around… growing strongly despite that. Thought that was quite poignant
The Dawn Redwood in the Coronation Garden looking particularly beautiful in the rain
This tree has been cut down and is now just a big V
Go go go go go!!!!

I got soaked through but I walked round the woods 3 times to get some extra steps in. Home and had a cold shower as the hot water hurt…. all clean and into comfies. Jammies if I’m honest. My comfies are all wearing thin 😆

I may behave shared this before but honestly this is SO true – I feel like I am shifting again
I have done this quite a lot. It’s very hard. Some people are lovely but steel your peace and don’t “work” for you and you need to be strong to realise how much this can help you heal
Love this. They did control me for a bit yesterday but today I am in control… watch out world!
Here here! I can say that on a good day

I’ve done some work, sorted some bills, done my knee stretches, taken a belated birthday present along to my lovely neighbour who was 60 on Saturday! It’s only 3.30pm.

I plan to work on my latest crochet work in progress…. thinking this could be a cushion cover? Just need to find a good way of attaching it to the cushion without half-assing it and ruining both the cushion and the crochet….

Stay safe everyone 💜💚💙

2 thoughts on “Day 313 calm, structured and in control, check me?!? 🤭😬😆

  1. I was also sad to hear of Sir Captain Tom Moore’s passing. Thank you for mentioning him. The world would be a much better place with more people like him in it.

    Hope Calaidh gets better soon!

    Take care, Deb

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    1. He’s such a huge part of the covid story and did such an amazing thing. So sad that he has died. Just hope he didn’t suffer. Thanks Deb, Calaidh’s been resting for two days now so think she’s a good bit better xx

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