Day 290 a wee safe trip out of the village during lockdown 😷

I woke early and felt anxiety kicking in…. a million thoughts started running through my mind…. need to do this, need to do that, go back to sleep, no, I’m awake… I should get up, I need to go to sleep.

So I shut my eyes and thought about how much I loved to sleep and how much I loved my bed….. I felt gratitude that I could stay there for another few hours…. and it ACTUALLY worked!!!!!!! I often say this but no one was more surprised than me. Loads of literature says that gratitude is the answer to everything. It was the answer to a few hours extra sleep today.

Had a few hours away from the gang this morning… this was the scene I left behind. My wee family all on their best behaviour.

Bhruic wasn’t too well this morning. A bit sick and clingy…. that’s her hiding in the back corner.

I had to take Abbie the camper van to get the passenger seat welded since it broke on New Years Day.

Tartan Campers reopened today after Christmas holidays but they are not accepting customers. They had to take the seat out of the van. Re-weld the seat fixing and put it back in.

I wore my Christmas mask since no one has really seen it.

Thankfully the driving rain and howling wind seemed to stop while I was waiting for the seat to be welded. It was an atrocious drive albeit only 25 mins away but I was very aware of being out on the road and whether my journey was necessary. There were very few cars around and mainly vans on the road.

I drove back via the chemist in Beith to pick up a prescription so that’s everything done in one trip and no need to go back out again.

I got dressed up today… which means I wore jeans and boots, first time in weeks and it felt quite normal. There was nothing else normal about the trip. I think our COVID security awareness has increased, I’m certainly way more careful than I was before.

How good is this?!? So very true!

Yeah the above really made me think about the pain I’ve gone through on the last few years and yet taking the responsibility for and making change is taking every bit of effort but has to be done.

Once I came home and had lunch we spent the afternoon doing The Puppy Lab puppy training on the tv. This is training for trainers. We covered food and fear today.

It was really interesting. I love doing these modules. We have a wee test to do at the end of each section too. 😳 just like being at school and that was a long….. time ago!

So brain in gear…. and…. crocheted squares at the same time! Multi-tasking at its best. Another 4 squares added to the blanket. 🧶

Someone loves the blanket or her mum?!?
I got the loveliest Christmas gift from my friend Tracey in Canada 🇨🇦 today! How cool are these socks?!?

Feeling pretty good having the direction in the day. Knowing that I have “something” to do rather than nothing at all.

I love this. Have probably shared it before but it’s too good not to. I am enjoying being enough, simply in my being.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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