Day 287 a day outside in lockdown SNOW and -3C ❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️


An emergency sugar delivery next door got me up out of bed! can’t have Claire without sugar…. 😂

Beautiful and no footprints!!
Paw prints (lots of them!) And sunrise!
Wonky Christmas tree looking wintry 🥶
So we took the dogs for a long walk!
Picture-skew as Gran would say!
Love a good gate pic
The burn looks lovely
The back roads all still covered and this on top of the black ice
On our way to Spiers school grounds
My favourite gate I think!
The walk through Spiers
Love that the snow is stuck to everything as it’s so cold 🥶
Check Freya haring round the corner and loosing her footing!!
Did the same with Bhruic but she avoided the ice on the path and ran round the back!!
Calaidh being a good girl and just plodding along
Beautiful in the woods
A pretty tree
The snow clad exit to Spiers
On the way into Beith
Beith’s wooden Bear 🐻

I went into the Co-op to get some supplies until our main food shop arrives on Monday night. Craig had to clean and heat up all 12 paws as he stood outside the Co. they were good to go again when I got out.

New Street, Beith
Someone’s ornate fence
The road home
My final gate!! Honest 😬

Craig plonked all 3 dogs into lukewarm water in the bath to clean the salt off their paws. The power was out in a few houses today so we decided to sit out at the stove to enjoy the snow and the sun. We were outside until sunset.

Pups loving the snow with their clean paws
Craig setting up the stove out on the back decking.

Because we built that decking in lockdown 1.0 it still feels really new and like we’ve gone somewhere else other than our back garden!

Is there a new Pope?!?
We actually cooked porridge on the stove alone with coffee of course
This wee guy was flying around us all afternoon! I have loads of photos but this was the best.
By this time I hit my 10k steps as I had to keep going back up to the house to get things!
Put the dogs in for some heat for an hour or so, this is Calaidh saying can I come back out with you?!? I’m warm now!
Sun starting to go down
Sun setting
Back up to the house for a heat!!

It’s been really lovely to be outside all day. I felt really shaky and faint when we came back in but I’d done over 11.5K steps on a pot of porridge… could just be that.

Had a lovely dinner and now sitting in front of the fire with the candles on.

What a beautiful day. Lots of fresh air, very fresh! Feels like a holiday. Love the snow. Think the weather turns tomorrow so super grateful we got the chance to enjoy it.

Sorry this has just been a giant photo fest but I cannot stop taking photos. As you all know. My phone will explode one day. I now have 51,839 photos on my phone. 🙄🤭😬

Stay safe everyone ❄️☀️❄️

6 thoughts on “Day 287 a day outside in lockdown SNOW and -3C ❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️

  1. Loving the snow pics. ❤️. Wish we had some.. we actually had a few tiny flakes settled in a layer on top of the two flat roofs of our house this morning. I made David get out of bed to look before it all melted 😂 10 minutes later. Also loving the gates and metalwork.. look forward to 100s more snowy pics tomorrow!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤭🥶🤣 I’m sure there will be a few more. I’m loving the gates and I photographed the fence as I’ve started looking at shapes like you!! Hope you get some snow! Xx


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