Day 278 a beautiful winters day! ❄️❄️❄️

I am calm today….. “praise the Lord”…. is way more polite to say than “thank ****”.

That said I didn’t sleep well. It was 2.33am when I first woke up and every few hours after that. My head was wittering away while I was awake. I have NOTHING to do, worry about, think about, NOTHING!!!!!! Just stop it already…..

So yeah back to the calm…. it’s super cold outside today and we’ve been outside for most of it! Craig has filled up all the wood sheds with a crate we got on Christmas Eve, I filled the wood shelves in the house and cleaned out the open fire. I then did a poop scoop and I have to say that a frosty poop scoop is THE way forward. Almost pleasant…. ok nope too far… but you get the drift.

Man at work!
Steaming mugs of coffee in the winter sun

Went a walk down to Beith post office with Claire and took Freya. It’s a stunning day!

Looking towards Beith
The pylon sneaks out this field at night obviously… #tracks 🤣
We took Freya into Beith Manse Field on the way home for a run
Claire took this one of the old gate into Manse Field
Beith High Church
Spiers grounds

We had a lovely walk and a good catch up.

Home to make toasties for Craig as he’s now moved on to clearing out the mouse infested shed…. settled back down into Grans chair and have watched the sun go down while chatting to mum on the phone.

I had my Christmas jumper on back to front this morning… I finally changed it round only to look down half an hour later and it was still back to front?!?! How did I even manage that?!?!

I have a zoom call with a lovely group of ladies tonight. I’m a member of Finding Calm within the Storm set up by my Kinesiologist, Shelagh. Looking forward to a lovely chat with some like minded folks!

As we all stay home and don’t mix with other households, the COVID numbers in hospitals are at all an all time high. Which is really sad to see.


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 278 a beautiful winters day! ❄️❄️❄️

    1. 🤣🤣 would you believe that wood shed is an old box that held double decker bus windscreens?!? From my old work! Craig is a member of the village woodcutters group and they LoVe a good wood cut!! 😬🤣


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