Day 275 Boxing Day 2020 as Scotland goes into COVID level 4 and Storm Bella strikes 🌧 🌬 🌧 🌬

Storm Bella is rocking our cottage today. It’s so wet and windy it’s a miserable day. I’m not sure the dogs haven’t even gone outside much! It’s a howling gale and torrential rain…. and there’s been virtually no daylight.

This made me laugh!

I am still in Christmas jammies!

Obviously this is my stunt double body!

We moved into level 4 restrictions at midnight so it’s as close to lockdown as we’ve been since actual lockdown in mid July.

So far today I’ve drank coffee, had chunky toast with raspberry jam. pottered around, emptied my old desk and filled up the new desk…. obviously after I cleaned it all out. I’ve unpacked all my pressies and found a home for most of them. Im wearing another new perfume which is really lovely, even in my jammies!

I’m now sitting in front of the fire watching the end of the football. Getting ready for the Boxing Day munch fest!

Boxing Day is often a day of rest and even more so now we’re in level 4
I think this has been the biggest thing for me this year. Reflecting on how much we have and how lucky we are to have it.

I’ve not moved since I last wrote on this…. it’s nearly 7pm and I lie but I’ve only moved for food and drink…. Well cans of juice lol

Boxing Day mid afternoon lunch/dinner

The smoked salmon was amazing. Really out of this world. I would highly recommend the Morrison’s Christmas food.

It has not stopped raining all day….. I opened the back door to get cans of juice from our “fridge” in the back garden (ie a bag!) and it’s horrific. I got soaked!!

Calaidh sums up our reaction to a lovely lazy day guarding her ball as usual….
Cheeky Bhru and Calaidh wants the one she has….. despite the fact there are about 20 in the house

We’ve been watching the Top Gear Grand Tour where they sailed through a Cambodia and Vietnam on three different boats. Things we’d never take the time to watch but I’m enjoying it!! So a lovely lazy day….. missing all those that we can’t see this year. ♥️

Stay safe everyone 🌧🌧🌧

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