Day 273 a beautiful Christmas Eve 2020 style ðŸŽ…🏼🤶🏼🎄

Another rubbish sleep and finally wakened by the bloody 4.30am alarm that is still set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early morning dog walk and it’s cold and super frosty 🥶 ☃️
Gateside Christmas Eve sunrise
The colours in the sky were stunning
Hill o’ Beith Farm
So calm and peaceful
Love this tree as it should have Christmas lights on it!
Pink sky

Right enough pics of the sky…. been a while since we had such a nice day but this was always going to be a busy one!

Home, showered and back out for 10am but already running late….. we headed up to Craigs mums to drop her car off! Been a lifesaver these last few days. Then onward to Edinburgh!!!! Yes Edinburgh…. all sanitised and masked up. You might remember I got a desk for the spare bedroom recently to turn it into an office. While I love the space… the desk is just too big.

Old desk (well a few weeks old!)
New desk…. ok different angle but fits in the space instead of sticking out!!

Anyone need a desk?!?!? There’s now 2 up there. 🥴

We were then meeting a guy to look at a car… something to tide us over until we get the Jeep back on the road again, either to sell or keep running…. we were due to meet at 12 and he messaged at 12.15 to say he was running a bit late and was fuelling up. We left at 12.55 and sent a text saying sorry but we couldn’t wait any longer as we had lunch booked with family. He phoned about 5 minutes later to say he would be there soon?!?! He was already an hour late?!? It just wasn’t meant to be. How could you trust the car when the guy couldn’t be there remotely on time?

So onwards to the real reason for the trip… Christmas Eve lunch with mum and dad! We met at the Navaar House Hotel in Penicuik. So so so lovely to see them!

Lovely pic of them all festive! Mum had a J2O with cranberry juice. No alcohol served in level 3 COVID obviously!
Us not so Christmassy…. except for the antlers and a wee bit of sequence!🥴
Dad with antlers on his jacket!

It was so lovely to see them and swap presents in time for a zoom present opening call tomorrow. We can’t hug, we can kiss, we can’t touch though I did pinch some of dads chips. It was so lovely to see them and listen to them banter away with each other. If that’s all we can have this year then that will have to do.

We listened to James O’Brien on LBC this morning and he talked to Paramedics who said so many people are still not taking COVID seriously and refuse to wear masks putting their loved ones and the Paramedics at risk too. We have taken risks but are not messing with either of our folks. They mean too much to us to put them at risk.

Village at sunset
Christmas PJ’s on, fire burning, first time with the newly sanded floor.

So hug your loved ones close tonight and know that we are doing all of this for the right reasons. Christmas is what we make it to be this year. 🎅🏼🤶🏼🎄🐶🐶🐶

Keep an eye out for Santa tonight. He’s negative for covid so it’s all good.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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