Day 271 kinesiology, housework (surprise!), Christmas lights walk and banter! 🎄🎄🎄

I’m gonna start with some banter. Craig and I are members of Overland Bound and for those of you who’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll know it started out as Overland and Borders which is where we post all our travel pics… where we DID post all our travel pics when we were able to travel pre COVID.

Anyway I digress… we’re in a WhatsApp group with a lot of the OB guys and I woke up to some chat random chat this morning about tinned Brussel sprouts and a suggested present for the gentleman in your life?!?!

I’ve not added the video as it crashes WordPress but you get the gist….. 🤮 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
Can you imagine how bad these must taste?!? Brussels moosh?!?

I think I woke up to 75 messages this morning! You’ll never feel alone in a group like that. They’re great guys and such a support in times of “Jeep down”…. which has been quite often this year.

I was straight out to Kinesiology this morning and as usual I went in like a whirlwind and came out lovely and calm. Shelagh works her magic every time. 💜

Kinesiology has helped me to find this person within me. She was always there she just got trampled on for a long time

I had some more stuff cleared out for charity so decided to take them down to the big Cancer Research shop in Irvine then treat myself to a Costa. I walked into the Cancer Research and looked for the place to leave the donations and there it was…. one of my tops hanging up on the rack waving to me. If you remember my lovely neighbour had taken them away to a charity shop and didn’t tell me where they were. I went over and touched it…. and tried really hard not to look for anything else!!! That was a really difficult clear out for me as I got rid of some things that I’d been hanging onto for years and just didn’t need to anymore. Amazing what a bit of help does in a clear out!

Armed with my Coconut milk Latte I came back home and surprised myself with the housework. All floors hoovered and washed… check me?!?!?!? It feels really good. I also tackled the sun room windows that have been bugging me for weeks. Life with 3 dogs was never going to be easy, clean or hair free but tonight it is. By tomorrow it won’t be but I have tonight!


Claire and I did another Christmas lights walk around Beith. Much more succesful than our wet walk at the start of December! My knee did well until it didn’t but it was a good walk. A lovely clear crisp night and we saw loads of lovely Christmas lights.

Beith Christmas tree! I look super imposed?!?
Beith Nativity

Someone set a firework off when we were standing here and we both screamed!!! It was bloody loud!! 💥

Someone’s garden!
Beith Town House – they are the reason I write this blog as they asked for records of life during Coronavirus
My neighbours lovely wee light tree!! Stood outside Anne’s house of ages waiting on the light sequence to go back to full lights!
Oor wee hooses 🏠 🏠
The Gateside Village Hall still rocking its disco look

A great wee walk and catch up tonight. Going to do my knee exercises now as it’s gowping and I have cramp in my butt 🤣 I did announce that on our walk at one point as a cyclist went past…. CRINGE!!!!!

A great day. Only 3 more sleeps until Santa! 🎅🏼

Stay safe everyone 💛🧡❤️

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