Day 269 Christmas 2020 is finally cancelled as we all knew it should be ðŸŽ„🎅🏼🤶🏼

To be fair this is what should have happened weeks ago. This meme is now trending on social media from yesterday!

The Government finally announced that their Christmas measures were not as strict at they needed to be with COVID-19 cases continuing to increase. My guess is that many people are breaking the rules and mixing and we all do those few things that we think we probably shouldn’t have. I know that I have become more lax in the hand washing and sanitising so while we distance with people we meet and we’re masks there’s always a chance that we are able to catch it.

That said I’ve been very aware of how quiet the roads and shops have been…. People are not going out in the volumes they would be at this time of the year. If you dwell on it too much it’s really sad.

The jokes are doing the rounds already

So now that all the negatives are out of the way we can focus on the positives! 🌈

My neighbour tested negative for COVID-19 despite not being able to taste a pickled onion….. I mean that’s a pretty crazy thing not to be able to taste?!? You can smell a pickled onion from a mile off! Great news he’s ok though and I think we all breathed a wee sigh of relief.

We also managed to borrow Craig’s mums car for the next few days to let Craig get to work while Jeepey spends Christmas in his new fav place… the garage.

I got Cookie cuddles and some serious Christmas jumper sniffing when I got home by each of our dogs in turn. They knew I’d been cheating on them!!
Christmas present drop off 2020 stylee

I felt a wee bit sad as I drove away from them today. Visits seem so impersonal and distant, we stood outside and were very lucky it didn’t pour with rain. We could never imagined life would come to this?! Less than a year ago we could do exactly what we wanted when we wanted to. It seems so strange to think that.

Have to add a spooky tree I forgot to post the other day.

So this Christmas is going to be what it is going to be, I’m sure there will be lots of FaceTime calls or Zoom chats. We will miss everyone but we know it’s for the best and keeping everyone safe. 😷♥️😷

We’re having a lazy rest of day. The housework needs doing but it can wait. The longer I leave it the better it will be for Christmas anyway… clever thinking Batman!

Have a lovely rest of Sunday!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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