Day 268 the best laid plans laid aside 🤦🏻‍♀️ for the right reasons

Someone’s alarm went off at 7.30am this morning…. yes I am very grateful it wasn’t the 4.30am one…. but I was wide awake with a whirring mind while said someone snores gently. 😆

I got up to have a chat with mum. Was good to catch up.

So we had big plans today to paint the living room while all the furniture was out for the floor sanding the other day. Yes better to paint before the floor was sanded but we didn’t think of that.

We headed out to B&Q to get more paint and then popped into Morrisons on the way back for a food shopping. A very expensive Christmas type shopping (without the main meal as we get that on 23rd) anyone hungry?!? Come on over to my place!

Morrison’s seemed pretty quiet for the Saturday before Christmas

This pic made me laugh as the lady at the till said I had a trusting face…. I had picked up two more bags for life and she didn’t realise. Told her I didn’t want her thinking I was pinching them! We had a good giggle when we realised she couldn’t see any of my face so she changed it to I had honest eyes. 2020 really kinda sucks. Our lives are on hold. Waiting for this virus to “do one”.

By this time it’s the back of 12 and I am antsy as…. mind you I’ve not eaten all day, I’m tired and grouchy.

I’m one of these people that if I’m decorating, I want to be up at 8 with paintbrush in hand to get it over with. Not thinking about starting it mid day.

Then Craig gets the call to say the Jeep is not going to be ready…… They’ve replaced the power steering pump and it’s still not working. He now apparently needs a steering box whatever that is. Well whatever it is over £1K.

Enough already.

He needs it for work and I need the van next week.

Then I had a eureka moment…. we were both not in the right frame of mind. We were decorating because we felt we should. We were scunnered about the Jeep… tired, fed up….. why don’t we ditch the decorating for now?

Always love these!

Once the furniture is back in it covers all the dirty marks for now and it’s dark most of the time anyway….

We reduced our stress. The house is kind of back to normal which always helps my head. There’s still stuff everywhere but I’ll get that sorted tomorrow. I feel exhausted. I think we are both a bit punch drunk.

The sunset was nice tonight, the pic doesn’t do it justice but it give all you spooky tree lovers a spooky tree!!
Zoom out!
From trees to sloths. Who knew there were so many different sloth species?!? 🦥

So yeah I’m lying on the couch writing this now and I’m tired. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster day. Feet up for the rest of the night I reckon. Be rude not to.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

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