Day 265 a lovely breakfast out then an accounts spreadsheet all afternoon….. check me?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️💜

Honestly I keep saying through all of this that I do my best work when I don’t plan it and I surprise myself…. who knew that today I would decide to work on the Village hall accounts?!? Who knew that I would actually have any clue what I was doing?!?!

Anyway, I digress from the lovely morning I had. I didn’t get to bed until after midnight last night…. so unlike me but we’ve been watching The Morning Show on tv so decided to watch another episode rather than go to bed and they’re an hour long. So I slept like a log. No bad dreams…. out for the count. Until 6.30am…. then wide awake. So I lay until after 8 catching up on the world, let the dogs out and had a shower, washed AND dried my hair and looked out a nice Christmas jumper to wear. I even put eyeliner and lipgloss on….. I mean come on, wow!

My view from the shower 🤦🏻‍♀️

Claire was treating me to breakfast at the Auchengree Farm shop! We commented the whole time about how we didn’t take any photos…. keep meaning to, I mean I really should get a pic on a day I have clean and relatively straight hair! But there are none. I had a roll with veggie sausage and tattie scone and then a scone with raspberry jam. I’ve been stuffed to the gunnels ever since.

Damn right!!

It was lovely to get a catch up and put the world to rights.


So came home and headed straight out with the puppers to try and walk some breakfast off!

Got my nee Joycie head band on!

I met two neighbours Anne and Brian who I’ve not seen for ages and I pointed out by Joycie knitted headband which they knew about and Brian said they’d been driving along “wondering who the heck was out with that on their head” 🌈🌈🌈 🤣🤣 the cheek of it 😆

After the walk I settled down for a bit of a sleep and the phone rang so I answered it (was about dog behaviour!) sat down at the desk and just decided to get a look at the Village hall accounts. Had no plan to do that at all!!

I’m the Assistant Treasurer this year and I told Rachel the Treasurer that I’d be happy plodding along with it but would call on her for anything that needed decisions made as that’s not my forte just now.

I can honestly say I’ve had the best wee afternoon. The spreadsheets are all up to date with income and expenditure. I had a few questions of the exiting treasurer Helen but I got there with her help! I am so chuffed with myself as I enjoyed it so much and I feel like I really achieved something. Shame I don’t get paid for any of this work I’ve been doing the last few days but it’s building my confidence back up and slowly getting me back into the the way of working.

So while I realise that I really need to get a life… I do bloody love a spreadsheet.

I am trying so hard to connect into the courage every day

Forgot to say that I got a lovely gift from Helen the other day when she passed down the treasury information that I needed. It’s called Mindful Crochet and it’s a beautiful book with really different crochet patterns in it. Trendier patterns than most of that makes sense. I thought I’d try and take and take a photo of the introduction as the words say it all for me.

Think I might try these for Abbie the camper van!

As you can maybe tell I am pretty proud of my progress just now (remember it took my thousands of pounds in therapy to be able to say that 🤣🤣🤣)

Thai is something I am very aware of, a lot of people are worse off than me just now despite my ups and downs.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

3 thoughts on “Day 265 a lovely breakfast out then an accounts spreadsheet all afternoon….. check me?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️💜

    1. The book seems to do more with cotton yarn which I’ve never used but I think the crochet looks so much more trendy! Might have to treat myself to some cotton! I’m loving to good days as they feel so precious to me after all the bad ones! X

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