Day 260 almost a full time job for the first time in over 2 years 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼

I have been a busy bee 🐝 today! I’ve been in the spare bedroom office almost ALL day today and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

I have been focussed and structured and working through things that need doing.

I’ve made Pawsitive Solutions calls, worked on puppy training, had a concall with Lorna re going live next year, discussed advertising and when I’m going out to work. I’ve also done lots of work on the Gateside Hall paperwork, filing documents, updating documents AND I’ve updated the Abbie spreadsheet with the work that’s been done today. Full service history coming up.

Again if I could bottle this for the bad days I would.

This morning didn’t got to plan. I had 3 things at 3 different times, 1 didn’t answer, 1 didn’t appear and the other pushed out which was fine. THEN….. the garage phones to ask where my locking wheel nut was.

Well………. cue, anxious, angry, stressed and breathless Julie. I knew it was somewhere, the wheel nut not the angry Julie 🙄😆

I had to get a lift to the garage to turn the van upside down AND I had to go into mouse infected shed 3 times before I found it. The calm of having someone talk me through looking for it really helped.

Why do we get so angry with ourselves for things that don’t really matter. Why wasn’t it in the van, why didn’t I put it in there, where did I put it, where was the box it was in. I man who doesn’t keep their locking wheel nut in the glove box. How daft could I be???

Stop. Phone a friend. Realise it’s not the end of the world. Worst case the garage would cut the bolts off and give me non locking ones. I don’t even need the van just now so it could have waited.

But I found it. The meds I’m on are funny because they allow the anxiety (obviously not as bad as it would be) but there’s also no elation when I found it. Just a…. meh… there it is…. back to the garage. Nothing more nothing less.

Abbie the camper van started all by herself tonight. It was lovely to hear and not be driven insane by the squeaking of the heater motor.

Mirror image pups

The girls have been with me all day as Craig had Calaidh out at work.

It has been miserable outside and rained all day. One of those days that didn’t get light but stayed dark, wet and dreich all day.

I am still thinking like a Norwegian and trying to use light indoors to keep me bright

So a good week this week and looking forward to a weekend with my boy. He’s been on his best behaviour all week (almost) so long may that continue…. 🙄😆

He might miss that bit

A few 2020 funnies to end with. Mostly from the lovely Tracey in Canada!

Actually only 2 weeks now!!!!!
Thankfully 💉

And finally…..

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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