Day 249 a mahoosive clear out of both house and mind 😇

Felt like I was up and down all night then switched the 7am alarm off and slept right through until 9! Had planned to walk the dogs before 9… change of plan. Craig walked the dogs!

So I’ve had a pretty good day for organising my stuff and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been directed at almost every turn… that’s what I needed and it’s the only way it was going to get done.

Craig and I went through bags of Christmas stuff to see what we had for everyone. There are piles of presents in the office floor now just waiting to be wrapped. I can cope with presents lying around rather than bags of stuff.

I keep using that word… stuff…. but I’ve been overwhelmed by my belongings recently. Having been really successful in selling things last year, I was aware of the amount of money that I was sitting on. You can sell everything these days. However, I was never getting round to selling things and it would have been a huge job so I was stressing about being surrounded but never doing anything about it.

Yesterday morning I realised that it just had to go. I wasn’t going to get it sold anytime soon and getting it out of the house is half the battle.

So yesterday I made a pact with Claire next door that I would have a huge clear out this afternoon. If it didn’t fit me…. it went to charity. If it was done it got binned. End off.

So…. I did it. About 6 or 7 huge bags of clothes and a box for charity AND 4 large bags for the bin. I have been without Ruth 🤣🤣 (can’t think who used to say this for ruthless but it still makes me giggle!!) and it did get easier towards the end as things that I’d moved house with for years and years and years got cleared out.

I feel like a weight has been lifted and lovely Claire is going to take it all to charity for me. We filled her car when I had the bags ready.

I can’t ever thank her enough for this kind of support. She didn’t get anything out of it and it was all to help me out.

I am not gonna lie…. there is a chance that I might lob a brick through her car window overnight to take back some things that I’m freaking out about…. that’s the reason it’s in her car though 😬 if it was in here I’d have the bags half emptied by tomorrow.

I have never really been a hoarder but I am a weight fluctuator (that is not a word!!) so I have clothes for every size from 8-18. I only kept a very small amount of what I went through today and I’m sure there will be more to come. This time I may be able to take it to charity myself.

On a trip to her car I spotted this. The moon directly above the village christmas tree

So I feel good tonight. Calm. Clear headed. So truly grateful for that kind of support and strict rules to adhere to.

Trying not to think about what’s in her car…. still 😬🤣

Stay safe everyone 😬😬😬

4 thoughts on “Day 249 a mahoosive clear out of both house and mind 😇

  1. Love the magic moon over the Xmas tree pic. Well done for your clear out. Next thing you know you will be trying to attain a capsule wardrobe like me.. I’m currently at 79 items in my “winter 2020 collection 😂”including coats and shoes but a true capsule is supposed to be only 38! I clearly have some way to go… xx

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      1. I agree. I got rid of 100s too. Although I confess many of my clothes are in storage still within the house, waiting for another season etc. I find it helps the mind not looking at ALL the stuff ALL the time x

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