Day 248 festive cheer in the village to brighten up the strangest year 🎄

I could rename this blog with Calaidh chewed my leather handbag strap but I won’t… I will focus on the positive and take the bag to Timpsons to have it stitched. Just like my Grandad would have done when he had his shoe shop.

Auntie Jac sent this, how cool?!

We were very lucky in the village this year when Holly who owns the pub decided to try and get a big Christmas tree die outside the memorial hall. She started asking some questions and next thing you know the Gateside Plant Centre had donated a 10ft tree and some neighbours Guy & Heather donated and fitted the lights. Such a lovely guesture.

For locals considering a real tree! 🎄

Claire and I went shopping within North Ayrshire this morning to pick up some lights for the windows of the hall. We wanted nets of lights but couldn’t get anything like that.

Home for a bite of lunch then Claire, Rachel and I decorated the hall.

The tree!!
The windows are really jazzy
It looks so pretty

It even cheered little old bah humbug me. I felt pretty low this morning but as the days gone on I have focussed on the tasks at hand and my head has been kept busy.

Not taking credit for the tree but be rude not to pose in front of it!
Maybe a bit too light still but Claire put her lights up and then helped me with ours! We’ve gone for coloured this year
This is view out of our window!! It looks like there’s a party bus across the road! The reindeer is from my friend Gayle’s shop.. the Little Gift Shop!

So let’s be clear here. I am not a particularly festive person these days. In fact almost the opposite. This year I might just about manage it. Maybe a teeny weeny little bit festive.

Those who know me will be shocked to know that I actually wrapped presents and wrote some cards today…… it’s November. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess I needed the distraction and it’s working.

Something worth thinking of

Stay safe everyone 🎄🎄🎄

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