Day 247 a beautiful November day 🔆🔆🔆

What a stunningly beautiful day today. Crisp, clear and fresh. Yes you guessed it a lot of photos to come!

Sunrise over the village this morning

Despite this I’m still having to work to lift my mood a bit. I feel really sad and I guess it’s most like COVID-19 that’s causing it although for me it’s hard to separate out. When I woke up this morning my first thought was a sense of dread that I had another whole day with nothing to do. All the years I would have killed for this moment. Yet it’s more than just being bored…. it’s a confusion and stress that I can’t think where best to focus my efforts. It’s an exhaustion that doesn’t end.

Anyway enough of the negative…. here are some photos of the day!

Frisbee fun in the field!! (Bhru has the least ladylike pose!!)

We need 2 frisbees in our house. One for Calaidh and one between Bhruic & Freya. Guaranteed which ever one you first through for Calaidh will NOT be the one she spends the rest of the time with. She just will not let it go and is happy to walk about the field shaking it and growling with it!

Action with Calaidh standing with hers just to prove my point!!
Tongue out Saturday!!
Some stunning spooky trees

So back home with the dogs, shower, hair wash and up to the Little Coffee Caravan!

Had an oat latte and a caramel pie

Drove for a good wee while round some back roads to…. yip you guessed it… Largs!

Had to reverse again at one point as the grass verges were too soft to use as a passing place. I’m getting quite used to that now.

Isn’t this just beautiful. Barely a breath!
The sea is so clear
Breathtaking scenery

I have another million pictures of the sun glistening on the water. I was trying to get the different movements of it through the waves but the best ones are when it’s almost straight.

I had to walk down on to the beach to get more
Who knew there was a plane passing under the sun… I couldn’t see a thing!!
Thought this house and it’s trees were really unusual

There a clarity about the air today that’s sadly lacking inside my head. It was so beautiful. Truly magical. Ok you get that I liked it huh?!?!

The ferry pulling out of Largs
About to dock in Cumbrae
From the window in the van!
And this one! Taken from inside looking out

Drove home about 1ish and have done nothing much for the rest of the day. I’ve had a good nap on the new couch which is amazing for a nap. I lit the candles and the fire was already on.

We’ve watched a film and had oven fish and chips for tea that were way better than any chippy!

I just need to try and get to the bottom of what’s eating away at me just now. Is it because we can’t go anywhere? Though I think I quite like that. Is it because this new life is really strange? Maybe? Is it because I’m not fully working that I’m scared when anything goes “wrong” and my default position is to not be well again?!?

Not sure but I don’t like it and it needs to do one. Positive mental attitude please!!

A few more just because they make me smile

Stay safe everyone 🔆🔆🔆

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